Monday, November 3, 2008

After the Election, What Then?

Tomorrow we will have a new President, and I personally believe that the coming year will be a very good one. I also believe the Antique and Fine Art Markets will flourish. If this is true, how might we start preparing for this time?

Maximize your money by buying something of value. Remember, money in the bank next year will likely produce very little income for you because of low interest rates. Getting back to basics is the order here, and looking to what has produced the greatest returns in the past will tell us what to buy. Paintings, Art Pottery and Art Glass have proven themselves to be the greatest return on investment for many years, and this will hold true in the coming year.

Paintings have guaranteed the person who has found pieces by listed artists and bought them well, the greatest return on investment. The number of people qualified to estimate their value is smaller than any other field in the antiques field. This being true, I highly recommend you spend time familiarizing yourself with a number of listed artists you want to become very knowledgeable about. I chose artists that appealed to me and then followed their successes in the marketplace through auction results and articles written about their works.

My list includes Harvey Joiner, Carl Brenner and Patty Thum. These are all Kentucky artists, and being from Kentucky, I have been able to accumulate a list of people who are searching for their paintings. Whenever I find one, I have a ready market for it. Next, I turned to one of my true loves -- the West. When I traveled to Wyoming, I discovered the paintings of artists such as William Golling, John Borein and Ida McAffee. All of these artist have served me well over the years, and have greatly added to my bank account.

Closely behind paintings, in return on investment, comes American Art Pottery. Grueby, Newcomb, Rookwood and George Orr pottery have increased over the years many times their value, and I believe their value will continue to escalate because of the limited number of pieces that were produced. Have you done your homework so you can know the rare and unusual in these lines?

Art Glass speaks for itself, with Tiffany leading the way in value, but it doesn't stop there. Companies like Stueben follow closely behind. I believe, however, that in the area of Art Glass, the real growth in value might be in the more contemporary glass such as Lotton, Smallhouse and Satava. I’ll be writing more on these last two another time.

I’m happy to assist my readers in any way I can about getting back to the basics. If you have questions, just ask me. Leave a question in the comment box is you like, or send me an e-mail at I want this coming year to be one that people will look back on and say ”The 31 Club changed the way that business will be conducted in the future.”

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