Monday, November 10, 2008

History of Ronald Reagan Items

History of Ronald Reagan Items

We know what items from past presidents such as Abe Lincoln and George Washington have commanded in the marketplace and the numbers are staggering. These items can make a man wealthy. I have also recently expressed what I believe will happen in the future to memorabilia from this year’s election of Barack Obama. However, have there been other Presidents that we could focus on and expect to reap financial rewards from our efforts? The answer to that is a definite yes!

Perhaps the best example of this is Ronald Reagan. During this last election campaign, the most talked about person other than the candidates themselves was Ronald Reagan. Why was this? The reason is that during his terms in office, he became known as the "Great Communicator." People trusted him because he made the extra effort to keep them informed of his intentions. Who can forget his statement to the Russians "Take That Wall Down"?

There are still opportunities to profit from his Presidency. If you look in the marketplace of the 31 Club, you will find a photograph of Reagan that we are asking $650 for (which is a bargain). I am sure that all the true treasures from his time in office have not been found and may be lying in that old chest at the next house sale you attend.

It only takes a short trip to eBay to find what President Reagan items are selling for today. The most expensive item was an oak box containing six audio cassettes of the President’s most famous speeches and his signed book “Speaking My Mind” which recently brought $1,662. This was topped by a letter to Barry Goldwater, a past presidential candidate, which brought $1,800. There are many items that you may run across at sales such as a signed, first edition copy of his book "An American Life” which sold at auction for $900 or a Royal Doulton “Reagan” jug that sold for $599. Now at the lower end of the spectrum was a signed photo of Ronald and Nancy Reagan that drew a bid of $299.

I feel that these are just a few of the Reagan items that people are searching for and in the future you will see personal belongings from his estate bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars. I am confident that museums have their buyers looking for items to add to their Presidential displays. If you are fortunate enough to find some of his memorabilia, they will pay top dollar.

Reagan will rank as one of our greatest Presidents so you can expect there to be collectors for his memorabilia. You should consider adding his memorabilia to your top ten list.
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