Thursday, November 13, 2008

Art Points the Way

Charles Courtney Curran - In Our Gallery

I have to admit it is hard to stay positive when everyone seems to be saying that the sky is falling every day, but the truth is the truth. Christie's just had a record sale and even created three world records for an artist in these uncertain times. Christie’s total gross sales were $325 million dollars. This may seem like chump change when the government is giving away trillions of dollars, but it is still a huge amount in my little corner of the world. It shows that quality items will continue to do well even in depressed times. Hold fast to those true treasures that you have been fortune enough to buy.

I haven't been concentrating on individual items recently because I felt this is a time to encourage my readers that they aren't in this by themselves and that the future will reward those who stay the course. As we read about auctions like the one above, it only affirms my opinion that rare paintings and other unusual antiques and collectibles will fare favorably regardless of other market conditions. I have consigned a painting to Christie's January Sale and I have every hope it will bring ten times its cost. This will make the wait well worth while and also serve to stimulate me into greater action in my pursuit of success. In the most recent sale at Christie's there was art work that was representative of artist with low auction records that sold in the millions so it does not appear to be a shrinking market but one that is expanding every year. The same can be said about all quality Antiques and Collectibles. If the number of items available is small and the buyer numbers are large, you can bet the prices are going up. Yesterday, I received a very interesting call from a lady asking if I could help her sell a collection of automobile hood ornaments. At first it didn't interest me much but as she began to describe the collection my interest was peeked. These weren't your regular hood ornaments but ones that represent the wonderful art movement in cars back in the 1930s and 1940s. They are all mounted as works of art. If you would like to see images of these items go to I think you will be amazed. I truly believe that she has some items of significant value but it will take research to find this collection’s true value. My days are never dull because presented a new day of treasure hunting. I never know where next call may lead me on this adventure.

If there are certain items that you would like to learn more about, please send me your list and I will try to include them in future blogs.
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  1. "It shows that quality items will continue to do well even in depressed times..."

    So very true Daryle