Friday, November 7, 2008

Time to Think Like Santa

Time is short and he's a list and checking it twice, so what do you think will be on it? Your customers are looking for that special present for that special person: do you have it for them? This is the easiest time to sell the items that you have purchased over the past year so be sure to take advantage of this season. Impulse buying is at it highest point from now until Christmas and if you have the right present, Santa has just the right person for it.

Go back to your lists of who you sold paintings, pottery or art glass to and let them know what items you currently have in inventory. Many people are like me: creatures of habit. I always go to the Brighton store to pick up some jewelry for my wife - they can count on me as a return customer for all those special occasions. Some of your customers are consistent in their buying habits. I know a person that buys his wife a piece of Lotton Glass each and every year.

This is the time to be pro-active and the rewards mayl surprise you. If you work diligently, over 50% of your sales can come over the next couple of months. This is the time for you to give your business the maximum effort. Remember the movies that depicted Santa's elves working all day and night: this is the time.

Scour auctions and antique malls for items that fulfill that special need your customer has. Call them and share what you have located. In the past this has proven very successful for me. Doing business in this manner provides you with a way to make money even before you dole out the cash. That definitely fits our goal, right?

You may even want to put some items in Christmas Auctions because many items seem to command higher prices than any other time of year. Time is of the essence for placing items in these auctions or you might be too late.

Remember, nothing is too good for a loved one. My son wants a new computer (a rather expensive Christmas gift) but it’s possible that he may just get his wish. I hope you get my point.
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