Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How Do You Measure Success ?

With a great scale! That is how you measure success. Scales have been one of the most important instruments for the person in business since ancient times. I remember in movies of the Roman Empire scales being used. At one time, the instruments were very primitive - composed of a lever with weights hung on one end and the item to be weighed was placed in a pan at the other end. This was functional but compared to today’s scales that are digital and can measure things minutely, we have come a long way.

The scales that really caught my eye were the gold scales use during the great gold rush. Stories abound of how merchants cheated the miners by under-weighing their gold. One of the old sayings was "How could you get a true measure." But in the old West and the rest of the country, scales were being used to measure grain, medicine, candy, milk and almost anything else that was being sold by merchants.

Later, the greatest scales of interest to me were the ones used in carnivals and amusement parks to weigh a person. I remember one that had a clown’s head that moved and its eyes opened and closed as you were being weighed. People have always been interested in their weight - so scales of all types have been manufactured that we can obsess over our weight.

Our mail also has to be weighed so that the proper postage fee could be applied for its shipping cost. There is airmail or ground mail and parcel post or priority mail and your cost varies depending on how fast you want the receiver to get your package. But the question is: Can we make money purchasing and selling scales?” I will let you be the judge. The Eine cast iron suspension bridge scales from the 19th century should bring more $5,000 today while a Rosenfield Reliance penny cast iron scale might sell for more than $15,000. There is a wide verity of different scales to choose from, but generally, the antique ones will bring you $500 or more. Today, you may find scales used for the wrong reasons but in the past they were an instrument necessary to conduct business. The more unusual the scales, the more valuable they will be, so keep a keen eye out for the scales to success.

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