Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Antiques and Fine Art are still cream of the Crop

I am still amazed when I hear the sky has fallen. Just ask any Lotton collector if that is true? Even in this purported depression that the news media attempts to convince us that we're in; Lotton Glass continues to increase in value.

Just a couple of weeks ago there was an auction in the Carolina's which included a couple of fairly nice pieces of Lotton Glass. Warner Smith, the founder of the Lotton Glass Club, called and asked me what I thought they would bring? I went to the auction site and after examining them said "they should bring at least $400 each." After the auction, I received another call from Warner and he was laughing. "You were a little low" he said, "they brought almost $2,000 each and that is very near, if not more than, retail." Wow! I think others are beginning to see what I saw more than two years ago. This glass will be as well known as Tiffany in future years. Today’s prices will be a thing of the past and pieces that can be purchased today for a few hundred to a few thousand should be selling in the $10,000 to $50,000 range.

This story doesn't end here. There was another auction of a fairly common piece of Lotton Glass that was just completed on eBay. Again, Warner and I discussed it and his feeling was that if he could buy it for $300, it would be a good buy (but not a great buy). Are you ready for this? The vase that I thought might bring $400, sold for an amazing $1,100. So what does this tell you? Lotton Glass will be, if it isn't already, one of the world’s premiere art glasses. There are a lot of pieces of Lotton Glass out there and you may find a fertile field of them at garage sales and estates sales. Even flea markets may prove to be a place where these pieces can be found. Their value still isn't fully understood and prices may still be available below the going market for collectors.

Our search, as 31 Club members, for the opportunities to make money should require us to pick the best items when we are searching. I think that Lotton Glass will qualify as one of “the” Art Glasses in the future and will be held up as a true treasure. In upcoming blogs, I plan to feature some of what I think qualifies as the “best of the best” items where you can help increase your bank account by finding these items to include in your inventory.

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