Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wish List for Antiques and Fine Art

I have been disappointed in the lack of response the 31 club has received from the Wish List. The 31 Club is trying to provide ways in which its members can be connected to the world market without having to spend the advertising money to do it. With the Internet, a person can become a world wide dealer and expand their ability to be successful many times more than the person who merely maintains a local presence. By becoming a member of the 31 Club, you are allowed to advertise for the items that you are interested in and people from around the world will see your ad. The ability to reach foreign buyers and sellers is potentially worth several hundred dollars each month that you advertise.

All that is required to take advantage of the Wish List is for a person to join the 31Club at our website Even if you are a small, part time dealer, the world will not discriminate against you because they can’t tell the difference between you and the larger dealers. This allows you to receive bid and offers for your merchandise just like dealers that are spending thousands of dollars each month in advertising to get their name out to the public. You can do the same through the 31 Club.

Does this advertising work? I am presently working with a lady in France on three perfume bottles that I hope to buy this week. If I hadn't used the 31 Club’s Wish List there is no way she would have contacted me. This is also a great selling tool, as an example I recently sold a Doulton vase for $3,750 and a painting for $5,000 overseas because the buyers found my items on our site. The overseas markets are wide open for us if only we let the people know what we have for sale and/or what we are interested in buying.

It is so simple to create your wish list after you have joined the club. Joining is very simple: go to our website and complete the order from. After completing the form, you will follow the instructions to register for your ID and password. Once this is complete, you can access the “members only” section and hit enter on the wish list which will allow you to post the items that you are searching for. If you have any problems please contact the 31 Club.

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