Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remember Our Veterans - The Remembered Us

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This should be a day that we take time to thank those who have kept this country safe for over 250 years. There has never been a group of people that have given more to this country than our veterans. I can still see my father’s uniform and remember the days when he would leave our house to serve this great country and how my mother would cry, not knowing if she would see him again. You see he served in the Merchant Marines and they took heavy casualties trying to equip our troops.

The military has produced perhaps more collectibles than any other group. For the serious collector, there are items that were used in combat such as weapons and uniforms. Many also collect items that recognize the bravery of our soldiers. Who could forget the posters that encouraged us to support our troops and to buy bonds? There are even some people that collect vehicles used in war - these people are unique because these collectibles take up huge amounts of space. Can you imagine having several planes or tanks in your yard?

However, the best known war collectibles are toys. Boxed sets of soldiers can bring in tens of thousands of dollars and even a few lead soldiers can fetch hundreds. There are people that reenact entire battles or display battle scenes set up similar to electric train displays. These can take up an entire basement to set up. There are different types of toy cars and other military vehicles with arm force’s insignias for the collector. If you remember your days of youth, we played with toy guns and other weapons blissfully ignorant of the damage the real thing could produce. These toys can bring big prices but there has been a huge price paid for us by our armed service’s men and women.

War is hell but our hats must go off to the ones that fight for our freedom. Their sacrifice can't be measured and each one of us should show our gratitude whenever we see a soldier.

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