Saturday, November 8, 2008

Make It at Home

Years ago when I went to auctions often, I would find spinning wheels and looms that were used to make cloth for clothing but I seldom see these today. But this doesn't mean they never show up and there are still collectors searching for them everyday. The best examples of spinning wheels and looms can be valued at thousands of dollars. I purchased a very fine spinning wheel out of a barn once in Indiana and took it to a flea market to sell and before I could get it out of the truck, I had people fighting over who was first in line to purchase it. However, there are several types of collectibles that were used to make life enjoyable and more interesting. I will mention a few that may be helpful in your pursuit.

It is very seldom that I attend a house sale that I don't see some type of food mold. There are candy, cake, ice cream, butter and other food molds that are eagerly sought after by the avid collector. I have seen candy molds sell for over $500 and they come in every shape, form and fashion. Santa candy molds should sell at a premium as we approach the Christmas season. Be sure to keep a close eye out for them and they can reward you handsomely when found.

Now, cake molds are a different thing. I was attending a farm sale once and there in the out building; you from the city won't know what this is but thats okay, I found a Griswold Santa cake mold in the box. I asked the price and was told $50 and so it was added to my growing pile of items to purchase. Not really wanting to part with this piece, I entered my Santa mold in a sale with what I thought was an outrageous reserve of $550 just to see what its real value was. As you may have guessed, it exceeded my reserve and I knew that even though I personally collected Griswold at the time, I would probably never own another original Santa cake mold in the box. I haven't found another one to this very day.

As for other molds, butter molds have always been a very desirable. They have been made using several different materials through the years, but the wooden ones seem to do the best in the market place. The better the design on the butter pad, the higher their value is. I once saw one with an Eagle pattern and dated, if I remember correctly, somewhere in the 1700 bring over $1,500.

I have just touch on a few of the collectible items that are available to you. It is a real tribute to the early woman that she wanted to pretty up the common things found in her house for her family. Taking pieces of colorful cloth to make wonderful quilts and homemade clothing, all the while cooking in the kitchen and making the food more appealing.

Remember this when you are out there hunting for those items that were used to make life better. These items were used and functional so few survived intact, making them rare and unusual. This is the reason the true collector is willing to pay large sums to acquire the true quality items from year's past. No one every expected them to have the value they have to day.

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