Thursday, November 20, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Antique and Collectibles for Christmas Gifts can make the day

This holiday season people will be looking for those special gifts for their loved ones, not just something to fill stockings. Gifts of value will command center stage this year and quality Antiques and Art can make this time special. Giving something that can increase in value rather than becoming worthless will be what I will focus on the coming weeks.

This feeling of doubt and uncertainty created by the falling stock market may keep people out of retail stores but you know they will purchase something for their loved ones this Christmas. Dollars will be used wisely so quality will reign supreme. Items purchased should bring a sense pleasure, not one of obligation.

I hope my readers have followed the suggestions from my blog about buying only the rarest and most unusual items for their inventories because now you will see the wisdom of that advice. When you are able to sell your choice pieces, the average dealer with common items will see his inventory sit much longer whereas your treasures will be eagerly sought after.

Great examples of Lalique, Steuben, Tiffany and Lotton will fly off your shelves during this Christmas season while lesser quality art glass items will be difficult to sell. I talked to Riley Humler at Cincinnati Gallery and he informed me that their last sale, just recently completed, exceeded their expectations. How did this happen in these uncertain times? The answer is simple: quality sells and Rookwood is quality. I hope that over the last few months you have been fortunate enough to pick up a piece of Rookwood, Grueby, Newcomb. George Ohr or Doulton for your inventory. By selling it to an eager collector or someone buying a special gift for a collector can also make your Christmas much merrier.

Don’t forget about paintings because they will never let you down if they are purchased at the right price. I hope to report another great success story in the near future as I have a painting that I am offering at Christie's in January. My phone is beginning to ring on a regular basis with inquiries about items in our Marketplace and I feel certain that many of these pieces will be sold over the next few weeks.

This is the time to put on your happy face and you will find it contagious. Often, the best you can give someone in times like this is a smile but that may be all that is needed to turn their day around. God gave us that smile so let’s pass it around.

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