Sunday, November 30, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Jewelry warms a Lady's Heart

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I know of no other season where the proper gift for a lady is more important than Christmas. Yes, almost all ladies appreciate a little piece of jewelry to adore that Christmas sweater or a necklace for all eyes to see. There isn't a better way to show that you care for that special friend or spouse than to buy them something special from your heart.

My advice to you is to start your search early for that special gift and recognize that most everyone you meet is doing the same thing. If you wait too late, the only option you may have is to go to the local jeweler and pay three times the item's worth. By starting early you may find exactly what you want at an auction or house sale and save perhaps thousands of dollars. Also, if you start early, you can search eBay and other sites for that special gift. You will find that these gifts will warm the heart of the person receiving them. Any other pieces you purchase may more than pay for what you keep for yourself. What could be better than finding the gift you need and making a profit on additional items?

We can use this in our business plan. You know potential customers are out there; but do you have what they are looking to purchase? I find that for me the best way to sell what I have is to convince the buyer that I am offering them a deal that can't be found anywhere else. Almost any piece of jewelry that is 10 carat gold or greater is desirable. Platinum pieces will not stay with you very long if you advertise. Marked silver pieces also do very well today. Mexican silver is very popular. Once you have acquired several pieces of jewelry, place a small ad in your local newspaper. Jewelry and other Antiques for sale for that special Christmas gift and your phone number is all you need to include. I think that you will receive more calls than expected and before Christmas your cupboard will be bare.

Remember that you should be able to purchase gold, platinum and silver jewelry for a small fraction of the replacement cost so there should always be plenty of room for the profits that we search for, remember at least 100% to meet our goal. I know you are asking why would a person buy from me rather than the Jeweler? Simple answer is because he can get so much more for his money. I purchased a diamond tennis bracelet from a lady for $660 and she had the receipt where her husband had paid $6,600 for it. Do you think that I could sell it for $1,320? Of course I could and probably have people fighting for it.

Today I had a friend call me to discuss purchasing a set of rings for a special person. His question to me was , “Do you think $1,600 is too much for the rings because I have the diamond?” My answer shouldn't surprise you, “ Yes, I think that is far too much for the rings and I think I can get them for you for $500.”
This is the same process that you should go through as you search for jewelry. If I can show a person that I can sell him a particular piece of jewelry at half what he was intending to spend and also give him a better quality piece, how can he refuse?

You only have a few weeks left to cash in and purchase something special for that special gift; so don't wait... get out there and start buying.

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