Friday, November 14, 2008

Antiques and Collectibles in Odd Places

I just read where a gentleman found a trove of ancient coins in a field and I’ll bet that will change his life. What else can you do after all the requirements of the family are met, that can change your financial well being the way antiques and collectibles can? The stories that I have shared about people that I know personally should be enough to inspire the most negative person to action. Where else can a person like Cecil find a drinking glass for $12.50 and two weeks later sell it for $12,500?

During these times of economic uncertainty, why don't we look for treasure in places that normally wouldn't be on our list of places to check? For example: have you attended any charity sales lately? At the last event I attended, I purchased a designer necklace for $5 that had a true value of $500 plus. Not a bad result from picking through a lot of uninteresting items. Just one item can make it all worth it. True junk shops can also prove to be rewarding. I found a set of andirons at a junk shop priced at $50 that I sold for more than $1,000. I’m not sure the entire value of the shop was worth much more. Yes, you could get a little dusty and dirty but even that can be fun once in a while,

Remember that old saying" When times get tough, the tough get going". I hope all the members of the 31 Club take this saying to heart. During these difficult times there will be people who resign themselves to failure by simply thinking "Why should I go out today because there isn't anything to find anyway?" I hope instead "today is a day to search for treasure because my competition may be reduced since they are discouraged."

These are great times to run small ads in your local newspapers and publications stating that you are buy paintings, art glass and pottery. You can compose your ad as you please and if you keep it concise, the cost should be reasonable. This should bring you clients wanting to cash out belongings to raise cash and you can avoid competition by either visiting them at their home or asking them to bring their items to you. Phone calls are free! You may also want to call people you know and ask if they are aware of anyone wanting to dispose of items you may wish to purchase. Using your imagination can pay off big time and keep the cost minimal. This is certainly a better way to approach your search than sitting in a mall or a shop waiting for people to find you.

I miss receiving your notes on you searches and successes. Let me hear from you.

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