Thursday, November 27, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Happy Thanksgiving

The 31 Club wishes everyone a special Thanksgiving. This is the time that I take to reflect on all the blessings that I have received through the year. Many of those blessings have come from all the new and wonderful people that I have had the pleasure to meet through the 31 Club, both in person and on the Internet. God has blessed me more than I could ever deserve; but should we expect less of a loving God?

Vickie has the Thanksgiving meal in the oven and I am getting ready for more football than I need to watch and Joshua is chasing his nephew around the house. Just your typical Thanksgiving right? This is the first Thanksgiving that Vickie's father isn't with us but we know one day we'll be together again for all eternity. Flo, Vickie's stepmom, and one of her sisters and nephew have come from Kentucky to be with us this year and for that we are thankful. This is a time for family and friends so be sure to reach out to someone and you are certain to find yourself blessed.

Those treasures that we hunt for will just have to wait today for there are many things that are much more important and today is one of those. Be sure to remember all our troops that won't be spending their Thanksgiving this year at home with friends and family because they are protecting us. Please say a little prayer for them and their families. If you know someone that is currently serving in the armed forces, they would be grateful if you called their families or even took a pie to their home to be enjoyed by all.

You can still even reach out to someone who is spending today alone and ask them to join your family in this celebration of the plenty that God has provided. This is a wonderful opportunity to take a moment to share the real meaning of Thanksgiving with your children and I promise you that they will never forget it. You may be passing on a tradition of sharing that will be carried forward for generations to come.

Happy Thanksgiving and may your family be Blessed!!!

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