Monday, November 24, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Colectibles Today

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Just when everyone thought that collecting was breathing its last breath, it looks as if there is a new trend forming. I’m sure you’re asking; what could it be? I think you will be surprised. We are collectors by our very nature and that is also true throughout the animal kingdom. Birds decorate their nests with trinkets that they find, crabs use different items at the entrance of their homes to attract other crabs, ferrets are kleptomaniacs and they hide everything the can get their paws on. Humans aren't far behind their fellow creatures in these inherited traits.

I was scanning Yahoo's news articles this morning and came across an article that discussed people who are searching for items that they used and have subsequently been discontinued. Their obsession for these items has caused a collector’s run on many of these items. People are now feverishly searching for tubes of lipstick, shampoo bottles, soda cans and many other items that are no longer being produced. This is a new trend in collectibles that has captured a new group of collectors and the beat goes on…

How can we profit from these new trends? My initial thought is to search eBay and enter words such as shampoo, soda cans, Fizzles, lipstick and other special products you may have used in the past. I always start with the completed items section because this represents recent sales and that is what I look for. The value of a Pepsi Crystal diet soda can is already gaining in price. I found several that sold for $19.95 recently and the current asking price is $35.00. Who knows how high the price will go because it depends on the supply and ultimately, the collector’s interest. A little research will give you the information you need to profit from these new trends. Now is the time to get ahead of the trend. Don’t wait until it heads down. My advice to you is to use caution as the downward direction can happen very quickly if the supply outnumbers the interested purchasers. These are the types of items that I suggest you turn very quickly. Remember Beanie Babies and collector plates.

While we wait patiently for buyers of our true treasures, it might be a great time to pick up a few bucks by participating in this search. If you can find the time, share with me some of the items that you think will fall into this category.

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