Monday, August 31, 2009

“007” - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectible Blog – James Bond

James Bond " 007 " - Thanks to

I am constantly told that yes there is money to be made if the older things from your era are found but how about items from my era? Boy does that make me feel ancient. However I know that everyone that is entering the field of antiques, collectibles and fine art aren't as old as I am. So I give them the simple answer, yes there are many treasures to be found that aren't ancient as I am. The follow up question is then what are they?

Hating to tell them items that I can't include in my childhood stories I have to ponder for just a minute but usually one will appear in my mind. For instance I just thought of how many people love James Bond and I am sure that there are many collectors just waiting for a call about some rare item that you have in your possession and are willing to sell that has something to do with Mr. Bond.

Never being really being a big fan of Mr. Bond I have to confess that I enjoyed the gadgets and his bevy of beautiful women. I hope that Vickie my wife doesn't read this blog but hopefully she would understand. You see James was a rather dashing specimen of a man and the ladies were unable to resist his magnetic charm. Every young mans dream, yes. His movies usually were about all the dangerous adventures he partook in but escaped only to end with him going off into the sunset with the beautiful woman. Ian Fleming was a brilliant writer and his Bond character will withstand the test of time.

It isn't hard to understand why his movies were such success and the great demand for anything to do with the great James Bond. But what is the collector looking for to remind them of this wonderful adventure that they shared with Mr. Bond.

The James bond watch was so fascinating that people are now willing to pay over $2000 for one and the movie posters bring even bigger money. Just to list two poster from a Bond films the “Doc No” is priced at $19,995 while the “From Russia With Love” is going for $5000. There are other items that will make you smile, a letter by Ian Fleming will fetch $2500 while a toy gun named James Bond Tommy Buster MIB could ring in at $1525. Even the books of Bonds episodes are expense like the first edition “Doc No” bringing $1400.

This is and area of collecting that is going to increase so now is the time to get abroad. Happy hunting.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

“What's in a name” Aunt Jemima - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Aunt Jemima.

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I can't believe how things have changed in just a few years. Vickie and I have lived in Chicago for over twenty years now and we call it home. Part of the fun of living in Chicago is that all our friends call us Hillbillys, Red Necks and Country Hicks and it would be easy to be offended but I am rather proud of those names. Yes, they are stereotypes but I find them humorous and laugh when ever I hear them.

So what does that have to do with antiques and collectibles or making money? Here is your answer, back when I was a child there were things that people used to characterize others but you know I didn't think that there was anything wrong with it. One of those was a character by the name of Aunt Jemima. The trademark to that name Aunt Jemima is now owned by the Quaker Oats Co. The first Aunt Jemima pancake mix was introduced in 1889 and has been a best seller every since.

The character of Aunt Jemima has been in plays, films and on radio since the time of vaudeville. I have eaten many stacks of pancakes made with her mix and covered with her syrup because I would have wanted her to prepare them for me if she could have. Who wouldn't have wanted to have their pancakes made by this full bodied wonderful lady with her great big smile wearing a long dress, apron and kerchief and asking you to enjoy her offerings. Isn't it a shame that we have taken something so innocent and turned it into something ugly. Shame on all who can't except simple humor and see the good in it rather than the opportunity to divide people.

Thank goodness there are others that seem to appreciate Aunt Jemima as much as I do and due to them there will always be a Aunt Jemima around to give my son Joshua the same great feeling I had as a child when he sees her image.

I have been fortunate enough to own many collectibles that bear Aunt Jemima's image such as cookie jars, string holders, salt and peppers and syrup dispensers. These can bring fairly substantial money but be aware of reproductions. These most often will be found at garage and house sales and should be able to be purchased reasonably.

You may find the blog with more errors in it this coming week and that is because my right hand, Ondre, is on vacation and she won't be proofing it before it goes to post. Please have mercy on me because remember I am a hillbilly.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

“Yours Are the Best” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Micheal

Trash or Treasure - Thanks to Flicker.COM

Yesterday I told the readers to buy a Hyman's “Trash or Treasure Book.” I haven't purchase one for several years but presumed that it was still being printed. That was my mistake and a member of the “Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club” by the name of Micheal emailed me with the information that this series had been discontinued since 2002. It wasn't this information however that caught my attention and made it very easy to write todays blog. I am simply going to share his email with you because it might be better and more informative to you the reader than anything that I might write. So here it is in its entirety.

Comments: Hi Daryle..........Just reading your blog today (never miss it)....and noted your comments about Dr. Tony Hyman. Tony stopped publishing his Trash or Treasure Books with the 10th edition in 2002, so I'm afraid many of the contacts noted in there would be long out of date.

He is the founder of the National Cigar Museum......just Google "Tony Hyman Cigars" and the first link is to the site. The info there is quite extensive, and might give you an idea for a blog article. I enjoyed a number of phone chats with Tony over the years (I was listed in most of his books as a buyer), and he even mentioned me on Canadian national TV and used an item I'd found as a prop.

I enjoyed your blog on tobacco pipes (I don't smoke) and a few weeks back picked up a scarce Dunhill pipe at our local flea market (1931 Canadian patent "inner-tube" model)....cost me $4 (I cheerfully paid the full asking price)...they don't turn up often, but one went on eBay several months back for over $900. I've also been selling obsolete casino chips for good prices lately (I don't gamble, either). Would you believe there are casino chips selling for over $100K apiece ? Take a look at and you'll see many chips valued over $1000 - with the dealer's note that he wants to buy them! The top 34 chips sold in the past 3 years totalled (wait for it !!).... $2.1 MILLION. Just another thought for a blog.

There's still money to be made during difficult times, but one has to have the knowledge. A large figure on my "Fenian Antiques" income statement every year covers 'reference material'...the more I read and study, the more I know...and the more I'll spot when I'm out looking. I tell folks not to give up on flea markets as a source.....sure, you can pound around the racetrack a few times and find very little.....but if you have the knowledge, you can find enough to make a in point, last weekend,.....found a copy of "The Black Woman in Canada"...cost $5 (Abebooks lists @ $85, Alibris @ $99), an advertising vinyl seat cushion for the coronation procession of Queen Elizabeth in 1953...cost $2 (will sell for $15-20), and a small social club calendar from 1932...cost $2 (will sell for $8). With a buck to get to into the flea market, $4 for gas and $1.50 for coffee with some friends, my outlay was $15.50......enjoyed myself, socialized and will net around $75-80 for a couple hours of my time. All the best from Vancouver Island, Canada......... Michael

I couldn't do better than that and I hope your story will be next. God Bless.

Friday, August 28, 2009

“Find Your Buyer” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – For Antiques – Collectibles – Fine Art.

True Collectors

I have shared with you over these many months how and where to find buyers. I believe that it may be more important than ever now to contact people directly who will buy the things you have to offer because that is the way you will receive the highest dollars for your treasures. When it seems only dealers are buying items on eBay and at auction, you should understand that they may not necessarily be the best places for us to find our buyers. The dealers are looking to sell their purchases at a profit so their bids will be low compared to what a collector would pay for the same item. But where are those collectors and how can I find them should be your logical question. I hope these five answers will help increase the profitability of your business.

First, I would suggest that Tony Hyman's book “Trash or Treasure” [ Guide to Buyers ] become part of your permanent library. You can buy this book on Amazon where I found a starting price at 54 cents. Of course that would be for an older one but if it is just a couple of years old that would serve you sufficiently. Dr. Hyman publishes this series once a year so there should be plenty of used books out there to buy. In the book you will find indexes that lead you to the items you want to sell and then you can go to the ads for the buyers.

The second best place to scout out your buyer is to contact the collector clubs for the items you wish to sell. These collector clubs can be found on the Internet merely by searching clubs [ Art Pottery, Art Glass, Tin Toys and etc. ]. Once you have an email or phone number you should contact the club and they will share with their members what you have for sale. They aren't dealers so your asking price will be more acceptable to them than it would be to a dealer.

Third, you may want to look in the trade papers such as The Antique Trader, Antique Week or The Maine Antique Digest under classifieds for people advertising to buy. Often these ads will be placed by collectors. You also know that only serious buyers would place ads in these publications because they don't come free.

Fourth and this may be my favorite, I watch at auctions to see who is buying items similar to what I have for sale, then I approach that person and ask if they are a collectors of, let's say, Tiffany. If the answer is yes then I inform them that I have some for sale or that I will be entering some in the next auction.

Last but not least, I run my own ads that state I am looking for collectors for items I have for sell. These gets the least results but they can work. Using these five ways of finding buyers will at least double the money that goes into your pockets from the sale of your treasures.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

“Now They're Gone" - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy " A Man of Compassion " - Thanks to

I have to admit not being a big fan of the Kennedys but the Kennedy family may be in a class of its own when it comes to politics in the country. John, Robert and Ted will fill our history books for the rest of time. The history of what Joe Kennedy planned so many years ago now has been completed. The dynasty of the Kennedy boys is over but there will be volumes written about them. Having had a son killed in the war and two sons assassinated plus several other family members meeting early death, I have heard people say that the Kennedy clan was cursed. However, they will continue to be in the public eye and people will want to own just a little of their dynasty.

At the present time there are 17,758 current listings for the Kennedys on eBay and 22,844 completed listings. I was surprised, however, at the lack of materials listed for Robert and Ted. John Kennedy's items seem to dominate the listings, however, most of them are coins bearing his likeness. But don't be fooled, memorabilia from this family will continue to appreciate and you would be well advised to keep a keen eye out for things that can be directly linked to this family. Now that there are no more brothers, watch for a very quick rise in the asking price for items bearing John, Robert or Ted's name.

As was seen by the auction of John Kennedy's possessions, the members of this highly regarded family can command astronomical prices for their belongings. I believe that John's desk brought over $1,432,000 and John John's rocking horse brought a figure that stunned me. There is very little chance that we will ever acquire pieces such as these, but letters signed by either of them will fetch more money now that they would have yesterday. Signed photographs will be coming to the market in droves but be sure they are authentic because I am sure that many fakes will began to show up. The amount of collectibles that have and will be created by this family is beyond counting so there should be some out there for you.

Just like Cecil as he sat in his antique shop when a person entered his store with a letter to a young girl from JFK. Cecil purchased it for about $300 and it quickly changed hands at $1800. This was over 25 years ago so I ask “What would it be worth today?”

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

“THE TEST" Patty Thum – Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – “Did I Pass?”

Patty Thum - Thanks to

Two years have passed rather quickly but have we learned anything working together? It seems easy for me to tell my readers what to do but can I follow my own rules? I have to admit that I was tested yesterday and I can still feel the temptation to do something that I knew wasn't right.

I have to constantly keep in mind what our plan is and that should be simple right? "Make money, Stupid" is what I have to continually hammer into my feeble brain. Yes, it is wonderful to meet new people that have like interests. The travel and the hunt can fall under the label of having fun but if no money is made, then why the effort?

Yesterday was a stressful day for me and my mettle was tested. You may be wondering if I've lost my mind and perhaps you would be right. I want to think that I can operate like a well oiled machine that doesn't have to use my brain or make decisions that are difficult but that simply is the way things work. The toughest part of this business is to keep our emotions in check and yesterday I had difficulty doing that.

The phone rang and a gentleman said the magical words that I am always waiting to hear “Do you buy paintings by Patty Thum?” My heart started to race and I could hardly contain my excitement but did manage to say ”Yes.” You see somewhere in the back of my mind stored in its deepest recesses there is that little voice that tells me that every Patty Thum in the world should be mine. Have you ever felt that way about anything? I just wanted to say “What do you want for it" and then whatever came out of his mouth my answer was going to be "yes". Finally I calmed myself to the point where I could ask for more information about the painting. “It is a rather large pastel measuring 14 X 20 inches and in mint condition. I would take $850 for it if you're interested.” was his response.

This is where I finally got control of myself because I had never seen a pastel by Patty Thum so I knew it would be very difficult to sell and even then I had no idea what it would bring. With paper items there are many questions to be answered before even considering their purchase, such as: Is the painting laid down, which would reduce the price. Does it have any foxing or has it been restored? Now that I had the emotional thing in control I asked if it would be okay to call him back, thinking it would be wise to check with some of my contacts as to its value. I had barely hung up the phone when another dealer called and offered to sell a painting to me. How many times do I have to tell people that shopping their items only costs them money? Here is a lesson. If you have something to sell it shouldn't be offered until you have established a price that you would take for the piece. Then continue to deal with the person you call first until there is no doubt that a sale can't be completed, then move on.

I seriously doubt that I could get the $850 asking price for this painting if I put it on the market so that says to me that the price would have to be drastically lower than that for me to be interested. I will call the seller back tomorrow and wish him the best but pass because it won't make me money. Remember that is our goal. In this case even though it was extremely difficult, I managed to overcome emotions with some sanity and I hope you can see the lessons here and apply them to your own buying.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

“Vintage Shoes” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Blog – You will be Surprised.

"AIR JORDAN" - Thanks to

Shoes can come in many forms and some of them can produce money for you. I guess my question would be "Who would want to own someone else's shoes?" To my surprise the answer is, "There must be a lot of people that do". This subject doesn't bring back fond memories for me because as a young child I often wore second hand shoes. I think that is why I take poor care of my shoes today, even the thought of polishing my shoes is uncomfortable for me.

But back on topic, when I decided to write this blog I thought that most of it would cover women's shoes. To my surprise the most expensive vintage shoes are men's. Sport shoes seem to dominate this area of collecting and pairs owned by recognized stars can bring in the thousands if signed. However, the models that were sought after when they were produced now can command much higher prices than when they came on the market, even unsigned. There also is a market for shoes owned by people that command our love and admiration. For example a pair of John Kennedy's shoes with authentication may sell for $25,000 or more. I wonder what a pair of Michael Jackson's shoes would bring on the open market today? If I had a dream it would be to own the pair that he used in Thriller. Joshua wouldn't have to worry about college would he?

Not to forget the sports shoes, who wouldn't want to own a signed pair of Micheal Jordan's sneakers? I would probably have to add money to my bank account to purchase a pair of them. I did have the opportunity to buy a pair of Will Perdue's sneakers. He played for the Bulls but his shoes were so large I didn't think I would have a place to display them. There are hundreds of players in the Basketball Hall of Fame and you can bet that all of them wore sneakers. If have the opportunity to purchase a pair, the rewards will be great. Believe it or not, I would love to own a signed pair of sneakers that were owned by Dennis Rodman or Charles Barkley.

As you are searching in every nook and corner of a garage or house sale, be sure to look at the shoes. There may be a real treasure sitting on the floor of that closet. Check eBay to get a real feel for what the shoes are bringing today and I believe that you will be surprised. Don't forget the stars of football, baseball, tennis and golf because you know those guys also wore shoes. It never stops amazing me just how large the collecting community really is but but if 90% of all collectibles were destroyed there would still be enough left for us to make our fortune.

Monday, August 24, 2009

“There Are Still Storms” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog - Changing Markets.

"STORMS IN THE AIR" - Thanks to

The truth seems to be that the markets are still in a state of flux and the shake out isn't over. For the reasons that I stated in my book “31 Steps to Your Millions In Antiques and Collectibles”, the antiques and collectibles market will continue to contract but the members of our club should be able to withstand the changes and even be better off for it. There will always be a market for the rare and unusual so if that is where we spend most of our time then the markets should treat us fairly well.

Several years ago I wrote that the days of setting up individual shops were over and even though the antique malls were replacing them then, this change would only be temporary. As you have seen, very few of the mom and pop stores have survived and the malls are closing at an alarming rate. Why is this, you must be asking. I will try to explain the reasoning behind this market movement. First, the shops are too expensive to maintain and the operator will starve to death sitting behind the counter waiting for business to enter the door. Second, they can't generate enough foot traffic to cover the expenses of salaries, rent, insurance and etc. Third, they can't compete with other forms of selling like the internet and auctions.

But what other changes to the antique and collectible markets are on the horizon? Let's examine publications such as the Antique Trader. I remember when I could hardly wait to receive my copy because of the information that it provided, but no more. Once I received my copy it would take me perhaps a half day to get through it but again, no more, because it has become practically a pamphlet. All the information that it provides can now be obtained with the click of a computer key.

So what does that leave us? How about the antique shows? Again, I have to point you to the announcement that the the Atlantic City Show is closing plus many more. They simply can't compete with the new paradigm of these fast moving markets. Why leave your home when all this information is at your finger tips. Even auctions are depending more and more on online sales and the internet is dwarfing all other forms of selling our merchandise.

For all the reasons that I have stated above, the way in which members of the “Daryle Lambert Antique and Collectible Club” operate their business is the most practical and profitable model on the market today. No fixed expenses, time to evaluate merchandise before purchasing it, with no penalty for the time it takes, freedom to search for treasure at your leisure, communication with the club for support, resources provided to you at no cost and a partner in purchasing if you need one. I ask you to show me something better than this as I might want to join it.

All kidding aside, in these markets you need an advantage to survive and I believe we have it. I don't feel great because of the predictions that I have made because many people have suffered as they have come true and many dreams have been crushed but there are ways to overcome even these obstacles and I feel sure that we together have the answers. The only fear that I have for my readers is that they will stray from the facts that I have presented and get caught again in the downward spiral that is inevitable unless they avoid the pitfalls that confront them.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

“Safety First On Carnival Glass” – Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Check It and Check it Again.

Carnival Glass - Pony - Thanks to

These markets for Antiques and Collectibles have been difficult and there are some that try to take advantage of this situation. Rather than deal fairly in these difficult times, they regress to dealing in fakes and reproductions to pad their pockets. I believe in the current markets I am seeing more fakes than at any other time in my career of dealing in antiques and collectibles. It is difficult for me to buy anything today that I can't see, touch and test because of this situation. You should be extremely careful buying on eBay because this is where much of this merchandise is being sold.

I would like to share just one example of what I am taking about. Yesterday I received a call about some Carnival Glass and the person inquiring wanted to know the value of a couple of pieces. First they asked about a piece that had a horse head in the middle of it. After finding no pattern like that on the site that I will be using from now on for Carnival, I didn't give up. Opening my book Standard Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass there was a pattern as described, a pony pattern by Dugan.

The first thing that popped out at me going to this site was that pony had been reproduced in both bowls and plates. If you are asking how much difference this makes in price, even for the authentic ones, I will tell you. The piece I was researching was a Marigold Plate and in 2002 one sold for $2400. One year later the price received for another one reached $950. But what has happened since is that because of the reproductions, today one can be purchased for $100 or less. These pieces are made from the same molds as the earlier pieces so it might be impossible to tell the difference. You shouldn't purchase a single piece of Carnival Glass without checking David Doty's Carnival Glass site. This pattern isn't the only one being reproduced so be on guard.

On this site you will find all the information required to protect you from getting deceived by dishonest dealers. Can you imagine if this information wasn't available and you saw a Pony Marigold plate offered for $600 and you knew that one had sold for $2400? Yes, even I would have purchased it. That would have meant I had just thrown $600 down the drain. This goes back to that old saying “If it seems too good to be true, it probable is”, but not always and that is where we find the real treasures if we take our time. Most of this fake and reproduction garbage is being peddled by dealers but they don't know everything either and they themselves may have been fooled. However, there are many people that push this garbage on others knowingly so it is better to be safe than sorry. Take your time in buying and if there isn't the information available to you at the time then pass on it, because there will be other opportunities to spend your money when you are sure.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

“Better Than History Books” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Who Would have Thought?

Vintage Magazine - Thanks to
Who would have thought that the twenty five cents or dollar that was spent on a magazine to catch up on the news or sports would have ever become a treasure? Well I have news for you, they have and there are a lot of them stored away that can mean big bucks in your pocket. After reading this blog, if you don't have a new found respect for old magazines I will certainly be surprised.

I have to admit that if someone had told me that a 1953 Playboy magazine would sell for $5000, even if it did featured Marilyn Monroe, they would have had to prove it to me, but no more. Doing the blog on Marilyn, I found where there is an unquenchable thirst for magazines that feature people who are idolized by the public and those that collect them will pay whatever it takes to add them to their collections.

These magazines cover almost every venue that you can think of from sports, politics, art, history and too many others to mention. It was no mystery to me that items signed by celebrities would fetch money but just the magazines themselves, I didn't have a clue. In fact I have perhaps 100 old magazines stored away because they featured someone or something that I found interesting and you better believe that I will be digging them out.

Here are just a few covers that light up the money tree: Playboys, especially the 1953 with Marilyn $5000, Ring Magazine with Muhammad Ali signed $3500, 1935 Saturday Evening Post featuring Harvard Lampoon $2500, 1965 American Heritage $2000, The Standard Montreal Magazine featuring Marilyn $600, 1960 Texas Football magazine $581 and Dance Magazine from 1959 featuring an Andy Warhol cover $536. I believe that I could write a book on the values of magazines now and we would have every American scouring their attics and basements for copies of old magazines. However I believe we will just keep this information between us boys and girls what do you think?

I want to thank my readers for forcing me to continue researching items for my blog because with this knowledge there is no doubt that it will put money in my pocket and a lot of it. Thanks again.

Friday, August 21, 2009

“Day of Reckoning” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog - For the Auctions.

I am amazed that the auction houses never thought that the public would wake up. I believe that they, the Auction Houses, thought they could become partners with their sellers and receive in some cases more of the money than the sellers from items sold, that they had no investment in. I thought that all they were supposed to be doing was providing a service, didn't you?

All this seems to be coming to an end and maybe I will be able again to recommend to my readers that they should gently test the waters to see if the auction houses want their items for sale. Some of the largest houses were startled because they weren't receiving enough items for their sales to make it worth while to conduct them. The offerings also seem to be lacking in quality so I am sure that some houses are taking a beating as far as profitability of their sales go.

What allows me to make these statements, you ask? Well, I am receiving phone calls, emails and flyers from the auction houses, offering to sell items for me at commissions that one year ago would have been unthinkable. Just today I received an invitation to consign items at no commission if their value was $15,000, 5% if the price was over $5000 and 10% over $1000. This tells me that they are desperate for consignments. Finally the public realized that they were the ones who owned the merchandise they were selling, not the auction houses, and if they were only going to receive 50% of the selling price of their treasures, they would just keep them. You watch. This trend is just beginning. It will never get back to the 5% where it was when I began in this business but it will be a lot closer to that than 50%.

One of the first things that I try to teach new readers is that the market will always correct anything that go too far afield and the commissions of the auction houses had done just that. I am not anti auctions, quite the opposite, but they need to realize the public is paying for a service. In fact I have often stated that the auctions and the internet will be the only ways of selling merchandise in the future other than taking items directly to the collector, but auctions with no consignments aren't auctions.

If you consider selling any treasures at auction today, be sure that you receive a commission rate that is fair to you and is a service fee, not a shared profit. Another fact that most forget is that the auction houses don't share in the cost of the treasures they sell. If you paid $250 for an item that sells for $1000, with the buyers and sellers commissions, the auction house makes $500 while you have just doubled your $250 investment, making only $250. The auction house makes twice what you do while you're the one spending the long hours in the search so even the cost of an item doesn't entirely cover your expenses. Yes the auction house does have expenses but nothing like those of the seller.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

“Happy Birthday Mr. President" – Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe - Thanks to

Just when I think things can't get any stranger in this business they do. I grew up with Marilyn Monroe and wow was she something. The world was never the same after Norma Jeane Mortensen was born June 1, 1926. No, she didn't have to act extremely well but the wispy voice and little girl innocence hooked you every time. There may not have ever been a better known photograph than the one where Marilyn was over a street vent and her skirt blew up. It wasn't sleazy but just well done. It is a shame that she was never given the opportunity to grow up like a normal person but the feeding frenzy that was around her sapped her strength until it did her in. At least that is what we hope happened.

She was adored by so many and loved by so few, but one of those that really loved her was Joe DiMaggio. After their divorce he continue his love affair with her and after her death he had roses put on her grave every day. Now that is what I call true love that never dies, don't you?

But why the blog on Marilyn you ask? I just received an email from my friend Cecil and at first I thought it was a joke but it wasn't. It seems that Marilyn can't even have peace in death. The email sent me to a listing on eBay and I know you won't believe this but someone is selling the crypt above Marilyn for over $4,500,000. They even list the other famous people that are buried there. Would you believe there are already 19 bids but I can't say if any of them are genuine.

Since I was so startled by this listing I went to eBay to see any other listings that had to do with Marilyn and yes, she is still popular. There are 7150 listings at last count and if you want to buy one of the better collectibles bearing her image or name you had better possess some serious cash. Her memorabilia runs in the thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars so she isn't cheap.

I would think that most anything that is rare that is connected to Marilyn would be something that you could turn a pretty penny on. Just to give you an idea, the 1953 Playboy magazine will fetch you $2500 or more if it is in good shape.

Marilyn I know there are many that miss you and wish that you could have been among us for a longer time but thanks for what you did give us when the world was different.

Miss you Daryle.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

“What's That Ringing?” Think of School - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – School Bells

School Bell With a Message - Thanks to

It is that time of year again and I see my son Joshua preparing for school. It's not as I remembered it sixty years ago when preparing for the new school year was much simpler. My mother would buy me a couple of pairs of trousers and a few shirts and every other year I might get a new pair of shoes. The school supplies were three pencils and a notebook filled with lined paper. Believe it or not the schools actually provided the books then but they were rather unimpressive by today's standards.

What has happened to us, I ask myself. Are the kids of today really that much smarter than we were back then? I wonder because when students graduated back then they went to work and provided for themselves but today I see too many students that graduate with their degrees and either can't find work or it isn't the work they desire. How things have changed. Computers, iPods, iPhones and calculators are the necessities of today. Yes, I believe that the student of today does have more information at his disposal but does that make him smarter? I wonder.

But let me get back to the subject at hand, making money from the school experience. Where should I start? I guess with school bells. Did you know that the old school bells with their yokes can bring up to $500 or more and if the bell has a school mark on it that price can double or triple?

I doubt many of my readers were ever called to school by ringing bells, but I was. Do you know that even the bells that rang so that the students could change classes are collected? This is not even to mention those special bells that teachers prized so much with their names on them inscribed with the class that gave it to them as a sign of their appreciation for the teacher's hard work. I remember fair well that ringing by my teacher's bell as I disrupted the class and how she could make everything in the classroom come to a halt with it. So yes, school bells should be something that we keep an eye out for.

However, there are many other items that should come to your mind when you think of school like year books, early school primers, photographs, and yes, even school assignments. Athletic jackets and cheerleading outfits are some of the most expensive school collectibles. I could go on and on about school memorabilia but that will have to wait for another day.

I hope your school years meant as much to you as mine did to me. I was a handful but loved every day of it. After missing two days of school in the first grade I didn't miss another day until my senior year when we took senior skip day. This seems in stark contrast to my son who will use any excuse to stay home.

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