Wednesday, August 5, 2009

“Cash for Clunkers” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Means money for you.

“Just two billion more and why not? The last billion lasted less than a week.” The money that the government is spending is past counting. In fact, its numbers are so large now no one can understand them. “First a billion and then two”, I believe that there must be a song in this somewhere. Since it is ours and our children's money that they are spending, don't you think we should try and figure out how it can be profitable to us? There may well be a chance that we can get some of that money back by dealing in automobile memorabilia.

Have you thought about all the models of cars that will be disappearing with the “Cash for Clunkers” program? How about the replacement parts that will be needed to maintain the few surviving cars that aren't destroyed by this program? There are going to be opportunities for the dealers in collector cars and their parts like never before. Since parts houses won't be able to stock inventory for cars that are no longer being produced, it will be up to the individuals to keep this marketplace going. Flea markets will soon be the center of older used cars replacement parts and even the cars themselves. But enough said about this, where does it benefit us?

Everything pertaining to the automobile will begin to rise in price. Let's take for instance steering wheels, hood ornaments, hubcaps, light decorations, grills and many other parts of a car that will become true collectibles. The era of the automobile from 1984 to 1994 will almost be wiped out by this program. Only the true car enthusiastic will maintain cars from these years and that is where you come in. Being there to provide remembrances of these cars will make you money hand over fist.

Let's not leave out car magazines and other advertisements in the form of paper goods. For the really expensive items you may consider dealer signs and other items that have been found in car dealerships for many years. The great thing about automobile memorabilia is that there is a lot of it and with the cars no longer available this will have to do if a person wants to remember when. I just shared with you that the 1953 Oldsmobile was my dream car because it was the first one that I drove but when I checked the prices for one today, “Whew” they were up to $50,000. This is what will happen to the cars produced between 1984 – 94 and you can bet on that.

Don't be a Johnnie come lately on this opportunity because the money is there for the taking today. Yes the 1953 Olds is too expensive for me but if I could just have a piece of one, such as a grill. Happy Hunting and remember that your government is working for you but I wonder what part of this three billion belonged to me before they took it?

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