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“Now They're Gone" - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy " A Man of Compassion " - Thanks to

I have to admit not being a big fan of the Kennedys but the Kennedy family may be in a class of its own when it comes to politics in the country. John, Robert and Ted will fill our history books for the rest of time. The history of what Joe Kennedy planned so many years ago now has been completed. The dynasty of the Kennedy boys is over but there will be volumes written about them. Having had a son killed in the war and two sons assassinated plus several other family members meeting early death, I have heard people say that the Kennedy clan was cursed. However, they will continue to be in the public eye and people will want to own just a little of their dynasty.

At the present time there are 17,758 current listings for the Kennedys on eBay and 22,844 completed listings. I was surprised, however, at the lack of materials listed for Robert and Ted. John Kennedy's items seem to dominate the listings, however, most of them are coins bearing his likeness. But don't be fooled, memorabilia from this family will continue to appreciate and you would be well advised to keep a keen eye out for things that can be directly linked to this family. Now that there are no more brothers, watch for a very quick rise in the asking price for items bearing John, Robert or Ted's name.

As was seen by the auction of John Kennedy's possessions, the members of this highly regarded family can command astronomical prices for their belongings. I believe that John's desk brought over $1,432,000 and John John's rocking horse brought a figure that stunned me. There is very little chance that we will ever acquire pieces such as these, but letters signed by either of them will fetch more money now that they would have yesterday. Signed photographs will be coming to the market in droves but be sure they are authentic because I am sure that many fakes will began to show up. The amount of collectibles that have and will be created by this family is beyond counting so there should be some out there for you.

Just like Cecil as he sat in his antique shop when a person entered his store with a letter to a young girl from JFK. Cecil purchased it for about $300 and it quickly changed hands at $1800. This was over 25 years ago so I ask “What would it be worth today?”

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