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“There Are Still Storms” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog - Changing Markets.

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The truth seems to be that the markets are still in a state of flux and the shake out isn't over. For the reasons that I stated in my book “31 Steps to Your Millions In Antiques and Collectibles”, the antiques and collectibles market will continue to contract but the members of our club should be able to withstand the changes and even be better off for it. There will always be a market for the rare and unusual so if that is where we spend most of our time then the markets should treat us fairly well.

Several years ago I wrote that the days of setting up individual shops were over and even though the antique malls were replacing them then, this change would only be temporary. As you have seen, very few of the mom and pop stores have survived and the malls are closing at an alarming rate. Why is this, you must be asking. I will try to explain the reasoning behind this market movement. First, the shops are too expensive to maintain and the operator will starve to death sitting behind the counter waiting for business to enter the door. Second, they can't generate enough foot traffic to cover the expenses of salaries, rent, insurance and etc. Third, they can't compete with other forms of selling like the internet and auctions.

But what other changes to the antique and collectible markets are on the horizon? Let's examine publications such as the Antique Trader. I remember when I could hardly wait to receive my copy because of the information that it provided, but no more. Once I received my copy it would take me perhaps a half day to get through it but again, no more, because it has become practically a pamphlet. All the information that it provides can now be obtained with the click of a computer key.

So what does that leave us? How about the antique shows? Again, I have to point you to the announcement that the the Atlantic City Show is closing plus many more. They simply can't compete with the new paradigm of these fast moving markets. Why leave your home when all this information is at your finger tips. Even auctions are depending more and more on online sales and the internet is dwarfing all other forms of selling our merchandise.

For all the reasons that I have stated above, the way in which members of the “Daryle Lambert Antique and Collectible Club” operate their business is the most practical and profitable model on the market today. No fixed expenses, time to evaluate merchandise before purchasing it, with no penalty for the time it takes, freedom to search for treasure at your leisure, communication with the club for support, resources provided to you at no cost and a partner in purchasing if you need one. I ask you to show me something better than this as I might want to join it.

All kidding aside, in these markets you need an advantage to survive and I believe we have it. I don't feel great because of the predictions that I have made because many people have suffered as they have come true and many dreams have been crushed but there are ways to overcome even these obstacles and I feel sure that we together have the answers. The only fear that I have for my readers is that they will stray from the facts that I have presented and get caught again in the downward spiral that is inevitable unless they avoid the pitfalls that confront them.

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