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I can't believe how things have changed in just a few years. Vickie and I have lived in Chicago for over twenty years now and we call it home. Part of the fun of living in Chicago is that all our friends call us Hillbillys, Red Necks and Country Hicks and it would be easy to be offended but I am rather proud of those names. Yes, they are stereotypes but I find them humorous and laugh when ever I hear them.

So what does that have to do with antiques and collectibles or making money? Here is your answer, back when I was a child there were things that people used to characterize others but you know I didn't think that there was anything wrong with it. One of those was a character by the name of Aunt Jemima. The trademark to that name Aunt Jemima is now owned by the Quaker Oats Co. The first Aunt Jemima pancake mix was introduced in 1889 and has been a best seller every since.

The character of Aunt Jemima has been in plays, films and on radio since the time of vaudeville. I have eaten many stacks of pancakes made with her mix and covered with her syrup because I would have wanted her to prepare them for me if she could have. Who wouldn't have wanted to have their pancakes made by this full bodied wonderful lady with her great big smile wearing a long dress, apron and kerchief and asking you to enjoy her offerings. Isn't it a shame that we have taken something so innocent and turned it into something ugly. Shame on all who can't except simple humor and see the good in it rather than the opportunity to divide people.

Thank goodness there are others that seem to appreciate Aunt Jemima as much as I do and due to them there will always be a Aunt Jemima around to give my son Joshua the same great feeling I had as a child when he sees her image.

I have been fortunate enough to own many collectibles that bear Aunt Jemima's image such as cookie jars, string holders, salt and peppers and syrup dispensers. These can bring fairly substantial money but be aware of reproductions. These most often will be found at garage and house sales and should be able to be purchased reasonably.

You may find the blog with more errors in it this coming week and that is because my right hand, Ondre, is on vacation and she won't be proofing it before it goes to post. Please have mercy on me because remember I am a hillbilly.

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  1. And when I was young, a good fund-raiser was having the company provide "Aunt Jemima" to cook a pancake breakfast. I was one of the volunteer waitresses, and I just adored our "Aunt Jemima," who was like a movie star to me.