Tuesday, August 25, 2009

“Vintage Shoes” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Blog – You will be Surprised.

"AIR JORDAN" - Thanks to flicker.com

Shoes can come in many forms and some of them can produce money for you. I guess my question would be "Who would want to own someone else's shoes?" To my surprise the answer is, "There must be a lot of people that do". This subject doesn't bring back fond memories for me because as a young child I often wore second hand shoes. I think that is why I take poor care of my shoes today, even the thought of polishing my shoes is uncomfortable for me.

But back on topic, when I decided to write this blog I thought that most of it would cover women's shoes. To my surprise the most expensive vintage shoes are men's. Sport shoes seem to dominate this area of collecting and pairs owned by recognized stars can bring in the thousands if signed. However, the models that were sought after when they were produced now can command much higher prices than when they came on the market, even unsigned. There also is a market for shoes owned by people that command our love and admiration. For example a pair of John Kennedy's shoes with authentication may sell for $25,000 or more. I wonder what a pair of Michael Jackson's shoes would bring on the open market today? If I had a dream it would be to own the pair that he used in Thriller. Joshua wouldn't have to worry about college would he?

Not to forget the sports shoes, who wouldn't want to own a signed pair of Micheal Jordan's sneakers? I would probably have to add money to my bank account to purchase a pair of them. I did have the opportunity to buy a pair of Will Perdue's sneakers. He played for the Bulls but his shoes were so large I didn't think I would have a place to display them. There are hundreds of players in the Basketball Hall of Fame and you can bet that all of them wore sneakers. If have the opportunity to purchase a pair, the rewards will be great. Believe it or not, I would love to own a signed pair of sneakers that were owned by Dennis Rodman or Charles Barkley.

As you are searching in every nook and corner of a garage or house sale, be sure to look at the shoes. There may be a real treasure sitting on the floor of that closet. Check eBay to get a real feel for what the shoes are bringing today and I believe that you will be surprised. Don't forget the stars of football, baseball, tennis and golf because you know those guys also wore shoes. It never stops amazing me just how large the collecting community really is but but if 90% of all collectibles were destroyed there would still be enough left for us to make our fortune.

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  1. It was really interesting post. I thought only women's shoes are expensive and in wide variety but as per your post men beats them. ooh It's good to know about it.