Monday, August 3, 2009

“You Will Be Blessed” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – By Cecil

Carnival Glass - Thanks to

My friend Cecil never ceases to amaze me. Over the years, the information that he has provided for me could fill many books and he has never charged me a cent. Now that is what I would call a true friend and that is the attitude that I wish for among the members of the “Daryle Lambert”s Antique and Collectible Club.”

While Vickie, Joshua and I were speeding through Wisconsin and I mean that literally, Vickie was driving, I spotted a sign for a small town and you wouldn't believe its name, "Cecil". If you don't believe me Google it so that I can be proven right. Vickie was driving so fast it was only a blur so we will have to get the picture next trip.

I was still in the parking lot on my return from Wisconsin when my mobile phone rang and to no great surprise it was Cecil. He had something to tell me but I put him off until I could get into the house. Calling him back, I could hear the excitement in his voice "Daryle, I have the greatest thing in the world to share with you.” I had heard this from him before so now I was a little skeptical. Going on he said “ I have the best on line site that you have ever seen.” Now I thought for sure he was going off the deep end but he wasn't. “Go to the site and you will see what I mean.” I did and guess what, he was correct.

There are many things that will increase our chances of making money by being a member of our club but this site will guarantee you future profits. This is the most comprehensive resource on Carnival Glass that I have ever seen. I am not sure that there is a question that can be asked about Carnival that isn't answered on this site, and it is free. There is a place on the site for donations and anyone that uses it should donate so that the site can continue in operation.

I have personally thanked Cecil for all his support and for what he is doing but it might be nice if you let him hear about what his efforts have meant to you. He is rather shy, ha ha, but an email from you I am sure would be appreciated.

He would be the first to tell you that God has blessed him and he is only passing it on.

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