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“Happy Birthday Mr. President" – Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Marilyn Monroe.

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Just when I think things can't get any stranger in this business they do. I grew up with Marilyn Monroe and wow was she something. The world was never the same after Norma Jeane Mortensen was born June 1, 1926. No, she didn't have to act extremely well but the wispy voice and little girl innocence hooked you every time. There may not have ever been a better known photograph than the one where Marilyn was over a street vent and her skirt blew up. It wasn't sleazy but just well done. It is a shame that she was never given the opportunity to grow up like a normal person but the feeding frenzy that was around her sapped her strength until it did her in. At least that is what we hope happened.

She was adored by so many and loved by so few, but one of those that really loved her was Joe DiMaggio. After their divorce he continue his love affair with her and after her death he had roses put on her grave every day. Now that is what I call true love that never dies, don't you?

But why the blog on Marilyn you ask? I just received an email from my friend Cecil and at first I thought it was a joke but it wasn't. It seems that Marilyn can't even have peace in death. The email sent me to a listing on eBay and I know you won't believe this but someone is selling the crypt above Marilyn for over $4,500,000. They even list the other famous people that are buried there. Would you believe there are already 19 bids but I can't say if any of them are genuine.

Since I was so startled by this listing I went to eBay to see any other listings that had to do with Marilyn and yes, she is still popular. There are 7150 listings at last count and if you want to buy one of the better collectibles bearing her image or name you had better possess some serious cash. Her memorabilia runs in the thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars so she isn't cheap.

I would think that most anything that is rare that is connected to Marilyn would be something that you could turn a pretty penny on. Just to give you an idea, the 1953 Playboy magazine will fetch you $2500 or more if it is in good shape.

Marilyn I know there are many that miss you and wish that you could have been among us for a longer time but thanks for what you did give us when the world was different.

Miss you Daryle.

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