Sunday, August 2, 2009

“Henry Faulkner” – Daryle Lambert’s Antique and Collectible Blog – Artist to Watch.

The strangest thing happened over the last two days and I have to tell you about it. This experience that I had almost denies reason. We were having a discussion around the table about traveling to the Florida keys and I share about this artist that lived a rather risqué life style, that spent a lot of time in the Keyes by the name of Henry Faulkner. If you remember I wrote a blog about him earlier. I also stated where a lady in Atlanta had offered me several paintings by him but we could never close the deal.

When those paintings by Faulkner were offered to me it was only then that I became acquainted with his work and the following that he has achieved. Until yesterday I still hadn’t purchased a painting from his book of work but now I think that is going to change. His following is what I would call a groupie following where they buy his work because of the lifestyle he lived rather than his artistic ability. Even Cincinnati Art Gallery list his works as ones they are interested in purchasing.

But let me get back to the story, as soon as the conversation was finish about the Keyes I went to my computer and lo and behold there was an email offering me paintings by Faulkner. I won’t be able to complete the transaction on these pieces until I return to Chicago but I would think that if talking about an artist got me the email to purchase some of their work perhaps I should start a conversation on Andy Warhol.

Thinking back I did get my picture taken with Barbra Eyden while we visited Gatlinburg Tennessee, maybe that is why this happen. But thinking back to Barbara, one of my favorite people in the whole world, she was only a figure in the wax museum.

I have tried to have fun with this but in truth it is only confirming what I have thought the markets are doing and that is coming around and improving. The buyers and sellers are beginning to test the waters. This is wonderful news to me and I believe the money will begin to flow making the last months of this year very exciting for our members.

It is difficult to keep up on the blogs while traveling.

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