Wednesday, August 12, 2009

“Uncle Wiggily” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – I remember him, do you?

" Uncle Wiggily " - Thanks to

I am still waiting for ideas about the items that our members of the “Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club” would be interested in me doing a blog about. After two years of writing the blog each day, I sometimes find it a little difficult to have an original idea to share with you. However, when I sit down at the computer it just seems to come to me. Often it is from my past and today for some reason I thought about old “ Uncle Wiggily “

Uncle Wiggily was a character created in 1910 by Howard Roger Garis. He continued to write books about him until there were a total of 79. I remember my parents pulling out books about “Uncle Wiggily” from an old chest that they had in the basement and telling me that these were their books when they were my age. I wasn't much of a reader then but this old rabbit always held my attention.

Uncle Wiggily was an elderly rabbit with rheumatism and he walked with a striped cane. There were many other characters in the books, some good and many bad. In one story, Wiggily was confronted by an alligator and feared for his life so he poked his umbrella down the alligator's mouth and opened it. This prevented him from getting eaten and he instantly became my hero.

There is money to be made from "Uncle Wiggily" items and they can be found at garage and house sales very inexpensively. The list of items to be found will contain books, toys, empty boxes, buttons, comics, puzzles, mugs, dishes, games, and many other items too numerous to list. The true collector may pay almost anything for the right item bearing Wiggily's picture. I have a list of collectors who are waiting to buy your items if they are found. You may want to visit eBay and just familiarize yourself with some of these items. Not all the items will be worth a million dollars but if you pay $.50 or $1.00 and can turn around and sell an item for $300, it may well be worth your time and effort.

This is just another step in the knowledge you will need to be successful in this business. Learn one item at a time until one day there will be thousands of items running around in your head and as you search these these will jump out at you when every one of them is encountered on the hunt. How I miss “Uncle Wiggily” and his wisdom.

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