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Yesterday I told the readers to buy a Hyman's “Trash or Treasure Book.” I haven't purchase one for several years but presumed that it was still being printed. That was my mistake and a member of the “Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club” by the name of Micheal emailed me with the information that this series had been discontinued since 2002. It wasn't this information however that caught my attention and made it very easy to write todays blog. I am simply going to share his email with you because it might be better and more informative to you the reader than anything that I might write. So here it is in its entirety.

Comments: Hi Daryle..........Just reading your blog today (never miss it)....and noted your comments about Dr. Tony Hyman. Tony stopped publishing his Trash or Treasure Books with the 10th edition in 2002, so I'm afraid many of the contacts noted in there would be long out of date.

He is the founder of the National Cigar Museum......just Google "Tony Hyman Cigars" and the first link is to the site. The info there is quite extensive, and might give you an idea for a blog article. I enjoyed a number of phone chats with Tony over the years (I was listed in most of his books as a buyer), and he even mentioned me on Canadian national TV and used an item I'd found as a prop.

I enjoyed your blog on tobacco pipes (I don't smoke) and a few weeks back picked up a scarce Dunhill pipe at our local flea market (1931 Canadian patent "inner-tube" model)....cost me $4 (I cheerfully paid the full asking price)...they don't turn up often, but one went on eBay several months back for over $900. I've also been selling obsolete casino chips for good prices lately (I don't gamble, either). Would you believe there are casino chips selling for over $100K apiece ? Take a look at and you'll see many chips valued over $1000 - with the dealer's note that he wants to buy them! The top 34 chips sold in the past 3 years totalled (wait for it !!).... $2.1 MILLION. Just another thought for a blog.

There's still money to be made during difficult times, but one has to have the knowledge. A large figure on my "Fenian Antiques" income statement every year covers 'reference material'...the more I read and study, the more I know...and the more I'll spot when I'm out looking. I tell folks not to give up on flea markets as a source.....sure, you can pound around the racetrack a few times and find very little.....but if you have the knowledge, you can find enough to make a in point, last weekend,.....found a copy of "The Black Woman in Canada"...cost $5 (Abebooks lists @ $85, Alibris @ $99), an advertising vinyl seat cushion for the coronation procession of Queen Elizabeth in 1953...cost $2 (will sell for $15-20), and a small social club calendar from 1932...cost $2 (will sell for $8). With a buck to get to into the flea market, $4 for gas and $1.50 for coffee with some friends, my outlay was $15.50......enjoyed myself, socialized and will net around $75-80 for a couple hours of my time. All the best from Vancouver Island, Canada......... Michael

I couldn't do better than that and I hope your story will be next. God Bless.

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