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“Father Would Relax” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – With his pipe and slippers.

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Since I have never smoked.... Let me qualify that by saying "nothing but rabbit tobacco as a child", it is difficult for me to write on the subject of smoking. Do you know what rabbit tobacco is? Well, when I was a young boy, my friends and I would peel the leaves off a weed stem that we found growing everywhere, let it dry and then wrap it in brown paper and puff on this crude cigarette. It would always hurt our throats when we did this but that didn't stop us because we were being big boys.

Smoking, however, contributed to my father's death when he developed emphysema. He died a long and horrible death at the age of 58 from the results of smoking all his adult life. I tell every young person I talk to that smoking is a killer and something to be avoided. There is, however, money to be made with smoking items from the past. In fact I remember when the advertisers would show dad sitting in his most comfortable chair with his slippers on and smoking his favorite pipe. This was supposed to show a man in an almost heavenly state.

Well some of these better pipes have become very expensive. I have written about smoking memorabilia which includes pipes, but not about the pipes themselves and the brands that you should be watching for. Often I have told you how Warner and I scored a big hit by purchasing a fairly large number of pipes at one time. Yes, there were several of these pipes that were fairly common but a few of them brought great money. By buying them all, the price of each one was a bargain and the overall profit even surprised us.

Here is a list of "High Quality Pipes" that you should write down and then put to memory. Dunhill, Charatan, Barling, Comoy, Castello, Caminetto, Peterson, and Sasieni are the eight brands that I continue to look for in my search for treasure. If you are fortunate enough to find a Dunhill ODA or ODB pipe with the date, you are talking serious money, in the thousands. I will promise that if you find these in great condition, you will be rewarded handsomely. Often these brands can command over $500 and from there they can go into the thousands if they are the right ones, such as the two I mentioned earlier.

I believe that smoking is on the decline and thank goodness for that, but pipes can still serve you well and I don't mean by smoking them. Great pipes will always hold a true place in the collector's heart so why not take advantage of this opportunity. But I hope that you like me will continue to encourage others not to use tobacco because of the effect it will have on their health.

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