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“My Favorite Comic Character” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Dick Tracy.

My Guy Dick Tracy - Thanks to

I would like to hear who your favorite comic characters were? I had to think for quite some time to decide which one of the marvelous characters from the 40's and 50's was my pick. But after some serious consideration, it was hands down for Dick Tracy.

That two way radio that he used was rather nifty don't you think and I had a crush on Sparkle Plenty. In fact, I believe that I still have a Dick Tracy ring and a two way radio hidden away somewhere. I also remember the tin windup toys made to look like his squad car and all the funny books about his escapades. He was a hard hitting police detective who was fast on the trigger and all criminals feared him.

The creator of Dick Tracy was Chester Gould and the comic strip started on October 4, 1931 in the Detroit Mirror. It soon became a staple of the Chicago Tribune and ran until 1977. Gould not only wrote the comic strip but also drew it. The strip was representative of the Chicago scene in the 1930's with all its mob activity and it seemed as if his life was always in peril. . If you were ever a Tracy fan then you know the parade of bad guys he faced everyday. My favorite villain was Flattop Jones and I can still picture him in my mind today with that flat head. With the success of the comic strip came the radio program, movies and comic books which all were extremely successful.

"Where is the money?", I know you are asking. Well an original comic strip at auction can bring thousands and even on eBay they sell for $800 or more. Posters from the 40's can sell for $400 to $1000 if they are in good shape and toys go all over the board from $50 to $5000.

Because of the longevity of this character there are many items to chose from like games, premiums, store displays, books such as the Little books that will bring $400 each or more and so many more things. Almost anything you find that is in decent shape will reward you handsomely. These items most frequently will be found at garage or house sales but second hand shops also can prove to be a gold mine for them.

Dick Tracy, who would ever have thought that he could be the answer to some of your problems, and you don't even have to call him.I think this is my second blog on Dick Tracy but that only shows how much he meant to me.

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