Saturday, August 8, 2009

“Lalique May Be the Indicator” Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Watch The Prices.

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Lalique Glass has been one of my favorites for many years but that interest has primarily been the older pieces and ones by Rene Lalique. However, that isn't what I would like to write about today. You see, we as dealers, should always be on the lookout for trend changes and I think that there is a trend change in Lalique.

It may be taking place right under our noses without us even realizing it. Your question should be, “Why do you say that?” The reason is that I received a call from a wonderful lady who had many items to sell, one of which was a beautiful Lalique Mossi vase. What really caught my attention was a Harvey Joiner painting, but there were several other items that should be researched as well. I started with the Lalique

Checking my regular sources, I found that the retail was about $2850. This piece was being discounted to $1500 so I figured that a fair offer would be about $700 for a buyer. This is when I decided to check eBay and found one that had 3 bids with 4 days to go selling at $700. This surprised me because for the last year I have been able to purchase items in the price range of $2500 to $3500 for as little as $200 and at most $400. The Direct Auction sale has sold many large Lalique pieces for under $500. So what does this tell us? The percentage of retail that the individual buyers are paying today is going up. This is the positive trend that we should be observing and we should adjust our prices accordingly.

It looks as if our 25% rule is beginning to fit the market place and this is very good news. I believe that you will see this same trend begin to surface in other markets as well and the buyers will be searching for the items that we have been able to buy at the lower prices when we were the only bidders. I have been asking the members of the Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club to invest in inventory now without hesitation. Strike while the market is heating up and you will find that most dealers will still be waiting for the other shoe to fall. By the time they decide the trend has changed, you will have pocketed all the goodies.

Remember in the Bible when the three men were given money to invest? What happened to the them? The first invested wisely, as did the second, but the third buried his so that it wouldn't be lost. When the master returned he rewarded the first two but took the money from the third and divided it between the others. I believe you understand the moral of this story. In my opinion, it is time to invest.

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