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I feel generous today so I am going to give you two for one. I know that my readers are beginning to see that I may go off the reservation every now and then and this is going to be one of those days. If a person won't go out on a limb now and then what is the purpose of following their advice. So, here goes on my first recommendation.

I believe the stock market will continue its upward climb for the rest of this year. Even if it has some set backs if you have some risk money lying around and can't find any treasures at the moment to buy, it may be wise to commit a little of that money to the stock market. I can even share with you where I believe it could be invested wisely. Kodak is a name that almost everyone recognizes and I believe that the market has way over discounted its stock. Revenues of 8 billion and per share revenues of $29 plus should indicate that maybe the stock is under priced at $4.50 or less. The other indicator that catches my eye is that over 94% of their shares are owned by institutions. I can tell you that I have purchased a fair amount of this stock in accounts I manage at the current price.

Now for your hedge, if you do purchase Kodak stock, buy their early cameras and anything else that bears the Kodak logo. Here are just a few of their products that can make you money. A 1891 wooden body Kodak should bring you $1000 or more while the No. 3 box camera should fetch at least $700. The scale for Kodak's vintage cameras will come in almost any range you wish with the name we all remember, the Brownie, in green running about $200.

Kodak collectibles aren't limited to just cameras and may include but not be limited to empty boxes, advertising, posters, signs and instruction manuals. You will find a ready market for Kodak memorabilia and if you need help selling anything produced by Kodak let me know.

Why not let your interest in certain items also pay you dividends by owning their stock if it is available and looks like a great value.

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