Saturday, August 22, 2009

“Better Than History Books” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Who Would have Thought?

Vintage Magazine - Thanks to
Who would have thought that the twenty five cents or dollar that was spent on a magazine to catch up on the news or sports would have ever become a treasure? Well I have news for you, they have and there are a lot of them stored away that can mean big bucks in your pocket. After reading this blog, if you don't have a new found respect for old magazines I will certainly be surprised.

I have to admit that if someone had told me that a 1953 Playboy magazine would sell for $5000, even if it did featured Marilyn Monroe, they would have had to prove it to me, but no more. Doing the blog on Marilyn, I found where there is an unquenchable thirst for magazines that feature people who are idolized by the public and those that collect them will pay whatever it takes to add them to their collections.

These magazines cover almost every venue that you can think of from sports, politics, art, history and too many others to mention. It was no mystery to me that items signed by celebrities would fetch money but just the magazines themselves, I didn't have a clue. In fact I have perhaps 100 old magazines stored away because they featured someone or something that I found interesting and you better believe that I will be digging them out.

Here are just a few covers that light up the money tree: Playboys, especially the 1953 with Marilyn $5000, Ring Magazine with Muhammad Ali signed $3500, 1935 Saturday Evening Post featuring Harvard Lampoon $2500, 1965 American Heritage $2000, The Standard Montreal Magazine featuring Marilyn $600, 1960 Texas Football magazine $581 and Dance Magazine from 1959 featuring an Andy Warhol cover $536. I believe that I could write a book on the values of magazines now and we would have every American scouring their attics and basements for copies of old magazines. However I believe we will just keep this information between us boys and girls what do you think?

I want to thank my readers for forcing me to continue researching items for my blog because with this knowledge there is no doubt that it will put money in my pocket and a lot of it. Thanks again.

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