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Patty Thum - My Wife Vickie's Favorite

I am going to make this blog rather short because I will be leaving for Jeffersonville Indiana at 3:00 in the morning. There is an exhibit of Patty Thum's paintings and drawings at the Ohio River town's Howard Steamboat Museum starting tomorrow. I have two entries that will appear in the catalog and if I must say so myself they may be the two best in the exhibit.

I have only had the opportunity to purchase four of the Patty Thum's paintings and only missed one. I did sell one painting to a friend of mine that lives in Owensboro Kentucky and ever since I did it I have had second thoughts. It seems that most people that own Patty's paintings hold on to them however the Antique Trader stated that there were many more of her works to be found. If you hear of any for sell I am a buyer. To see more information on this exhibit you can go to the Antique Trader website for October the 16th and there you will find the article on Patty Thum that covers several pages.

Why am I going to the exhibit you must be asking? I have told my readers that the best way to find what your looking for is to be around people that have knowledge about the items you seek or in some cases even own items that you are looking for. In this case the people attending this exhibit have interest in Kentucky artist like myself so I want to spread my name around, plus my paintings being in the catalog ot the exhibit can only increase my paintings value. Exposing the items that you wish to sell will always help you when that time comes for you to sell those items.

Here is Patty Thum's biography:

Patty Prather Thum was born October 1, 1853 in Louisville, Kentucky daughter of Dr. Mandeville and Louisiana (Miller) Thum. Patty received her first drawing lessons from her mother while still a child. She studied art at Vassar College under Henry VanIngen, the New York Art Students League with William Merritt Chase, Henry Mowbray, and Lemuel Wiles. Thum returned to Louisville in 1870 where she maintained a studio for 35 years. Primarily known as a painter of flowers and Kentucky landscapes, Thum acquired her love for nature from periodic visits to her grandparents' rural home. The subject of this painting, taken after a photograph by Oldham County's Kate Matthews, is Mary Johnston stepdaughter of author Annie Fellows Johnston. Thum also executed portraiture and magazine illustration, taught lessons, and was an art critic for Louisville Herald for many years. Thum received an honorable mention for book illustration at Chicago's 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. She also exhibited at the 1898 New York State Fair and the St. Louis Exposition of 1904. Patty Thum died September 28, 1926 in Louisville at age 72.

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