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The old saying that you should take care of yourself because no one else will is one that I know from reading the Bible is not true. However I do think that we have a responsibility to take care of ourselves where possible. If you remember, I have often suggested that our members set something back for themselves after they have made the proper amount of profit on their transactions.

I try to do what I suggest you do and one way that I have done this is by keeping many of the Lalique pieces that I purchased, after doubling my money on the other things that were included with the Lalique. Over the last couple of years, I have been able to acquire perhaps 50 pieces of Lalique for very little money and decorate my home with them. Often I have been fortunate enough to buy these pieces for 5% - 10% of their retail price. I really have not thought about selling them until lately when I discovered that the prices on what I call current Lalique has been going up in value. Yes I never had a doubt that the Rene Lalique still commanded high prices, but I thought the newer pieces had basically no value at all. By using them in my home, the only way their value could go was up.

It might be time for our readers to take a second look at the contemporary Lalique because I believe there is money to be made there now. The last piece of Lalique that I purchased was a very large frosted vase with birds on it. I had already spent about $5000 with the seller when I spotted the vase and asked if because of my other purchases they would throw in the vase for $200. I had no idea what the retail price for the vase was but at $200 I knew I was safe. Their answer was yes so I had just added another piece to my personal collection and it sits in my china cabinet today. My friend in Los Angles that works for Neiman Marcus sent me a Lalique retail guide several years ago and flipping through it, I found my vase listed for $3250. Not a bad trinket to add to my ever expanding personal collection.

Just to mention a few of the items that comprise my collection, there are vase, decanters, figurines, bowls, lamps, compotes and perfumes. I wish that I had one of the Lalique hood ornaments but unfortunately I don't. You can be assured that this collection will continue to grow until I believe the true value for Lalique has once again been established. To my surprise I am seeing pieces of contemporary Lalique bringing 50% of their retail value on eBay and that would be my beginning selling point.

Here are just a few newer sales for Lalique on eBay: Bacchantes Vase 9 inch $1524.99, Champagne Cooler Ganymede $1240 – retail price $3000, Lucca Vase 11 inch $999.99 – retail price $1700. As you can see these and many more similar items are getting close to 50% of retail and that tells me it is time to be a buyer for Lalique. Also remember that many of the Lalique pieces are discontinued each year and that also increases their value. Be sure to look at the completed items for Lalique in eBay and get acquainted with the selling prices. It could make you money at the next sale you attend.

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