Monday, November 2, 2009

You Plus Two at Patty Thum Show – Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Success

Gretchen and My grand daughter Erin

I have been searching for the answer for my success in the Antique and Fine Art business and I believe this weekend I found it. Some would say the reason for my success was acquired knowledge, dedication or love of what I do. But I may have found an even deeper answer and that is I have always surrounded myself with people that loved what I was doing as much as me. Have you noticed how often I mention Warner or Cecil in my blogs? These are only two of the favorite people that I have surrounded myself with over the last 45 years.

Yes, I understand you are asking how can this affect me. Here goes. Yesterday I had one of the most wonderful days that I have had in many years. You might say I was crazy driving over 12 hours in one day to spend just 6 hours at the event that I traveled to but I would do it all over again tomorrow. Guess what? I don't think that you would guess in a hundred years what made it so special.

You see, I attended the opening of the Patty Thum exhibit in Jeffersonville, Indiana to share with all that attended two paintings that I had entered in the exhibit. The pride of being part of the event of course brought me joy and talking to the many people that had come to see the 40 or more paintings by Patty Thum fit me to a tee. However, that wasn't what really made the day for me, because that was when I saw Gretchen, one of our members in the Daryle Lambert Antique and Collectible Club standing in the audience. She had driven all the way from Paducah, Kentucky to share this event with me.

We walked around together and talked to almost everyone in attendance and after the exhibit we went to a restaurant and talked for about one hour. This is what made my day, being with someone that had as much interest in these beautiful paintings as I did. Are you starting to get an idea of where I am going with this?

I thought to myself, the Club and blog probably have a couple of thousand followers and they stay in contact with me but I hear from so few of them about the joy they are receiving in this business. My question is why don't I hear from more of them? Here is what I came up with. Maybe they don't have people that they are sharing their experiences with in this business. So this is my suggestion to all of you. Find at least two people that will meet with you at least once a week to discuss their new finds or questions that they might have about a certain item or just to be there for you to bounce questions off of and after that, talk on the phone at least several times a week. I sincerely believe that my life would be rather boring if I weren't in contact with at least one of the people listed above on a daily basis. So I guess what I'm saying is thanks Gretchen, Warner and Cecil for my success.

Are you ready to be successful too?

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