Saturday, October 3, 2009

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Love Her or Hate Her - Thanks to

There are some people that demand either your love or hatred and Sarah Palin is just such a person. Little known until the Presidential election when she popped on the pubic scene as John McCain choose her as his running mate on the Republican ticket as vice president. Just a little sassy and with a quick wit, she soon captured the hearts of the conservative wing of the party. Good looks and a great family didn't hurt her either. Her husband, an athletic chap that loved to take dog sleds across the frozen tundra, and a special needs child made her a natural to run for the office of Vice President.

She had taken on the sitting Republican governor of Alaska and defeated him and her approval rating was in the 80's. Thinking that the women would flock to her side if she threw her hat into the ring, proved to be a mistake as the followers of Hillary Clinton move to Obama instead. The biggest problem with her candidacy was that she overshadowed her running mate John McCain and made him look like the old man he was. The jealousy soon spilled out and the infighting in the ranks soon doomed any chance for a Republican victory.

Now that Sarah has broken away from the strings of being Governor, she has began establishing herself for the run for President in 2012. Her new book "Sarah Palin Going Rogue" will soon be on the book stands and even before its release it is number one, with a first printing of 1.5 million copies.

I believe that anything pertaining to Sarah Palin will become valuable and our members should begin picking up anything that shows her image. If it is signed that will make it a treasure. I am going to list a few items that have sold on eBay and believe it or not I wish I had purchased them all. First, however, can you believe that someone paid $63,500 to have dinner with her? Not me but it was for a good cause. I could have purchased a Tampa Bay Rays Jersey signed by Sarah for $94 and that was a bargain. Then came the Governor's signed inauguration pass for $75, autographed Newsweek $75 and a USA signed hock puck also signed by Todd her husband $55.

Just think of all the possibilities: pins, photos, posters, letters, books and personal items that will soon command huge prices. If you remember, I said earlier the same things about Obama and have you seen what some of his items are now bringing? Buy while things are cheap because they won't stay that way. In my opinion she will have an uphill struggle to ever be President but that won't hamper the collectors from scrambling for her memorabilia. Be forewarned here first.

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