Wednesday, October 7, 2009

“American is Cheap” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Don't get mad.

Words of Caution

What do I mean that “American is Cheap”? No it isn't that we as people don't spend money but that our dollar is at an all time low which allows other countries to benefit on an exchange basis. They can buy more in this country than they can in their own with the same amount of money. So your question should be, how do we sell in those foreign markets?

First, eBay might give you an edge because of their international exposure, plus by using their services you don't have to worry about exchange rates or getting your money. Second, you might want to be sure if you go the auction route that the auction house you choose has connections in the foreign markets. Local or regional auction houses usually don't command a large foreign following and this should be taken into account, especially on expensive items.

One method of selling pieces overseas is to list only one item and then, when it is sold, contact the purchaser to see if they might be interested in more pieces. Yes eBay might frown on this practice but they get the commission on what has been sold at their auction and that is what you have agreed to do. Always check the space that says you will sell your items internationally when these markets are your targets.

I am aware of one collector that has sold almost his entire collection of art glass to a German gentleman and the price was seldom discussed because with the exchange rate, these pieces were going there at a small percentage of what an American would have had to pay for them. My friend sets the price and the customer almost always says yes. Wouldn't be nice if it were always that way here? Usually we have to ask more than we really want for an item because the customer is looking for a bargain and tries to lowball us.

When I started in the Antique and Collectible business, the currency situation was reversed from what it is now and often I would buy a lot of my inventory from England, Germany and France. I believe this country is going in the wrong direction and if it continues the world will completely turn its back on the dollar. The "Greenback" as our money was known will not attract the foreign interest and soon our inflation will destroy our country.

Here is a little story I heard once upon a time. China's inflation was spiraling out of control so a gentleman there called the airport and asked how much money it would take to fly to the United States. The answer came rather swiftly; a suitcase full would do it. So he left his hotel with the suitcase of money and arrived at the ticket counter where he deposited the suitcase on the counter and asked for his ticket. "Oh I'm sorry, Sir", the clerk said, "it takes two suitcases of money now." That sound like a cute little story but if this country doesn't come to its senses, that will be us.

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