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Rene Buthaud

I feel like a kid with a new toy as I search for artist that can make money for our club members. I hope that you have enjoyed the last two blogs, but today I am going to share with you another, yet less known artist. In fact, it was difficult to even find a small bio on him but be assured his pieces bring excellent money and have a ready market if something he produced comes to market.

Rene Buthaud was born in 1886 and died in 1996 which meant he had a long life span and produced many wonderful pieces. Here is a small bio that was put together by the company, “Whiteford Fine Art” London.

BUTHAUD, RENÉ (French, 1886-1986)
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An important Art Deco Artist, Buthaud trained at the École des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux. He designed simple stoneware forms, made for him by local potters, and used crackle glazes with which to decorate them. He was also influenced by African, tribal art, evident in those pieces where he used lusters or what he called ‘peau de serpent’ (snakeskin). Many of his best-known pieces are painted with supine female nudes. After 1940, he concentrated on images of women, in the form of stylized odalisques, idealized female figures, and mythological goddesses. Under contract to Galerie Rouard in Paris, he exhibited there from 1928 to 1965. During this period, he often signed his works "J. Doris

Believe it or not this was all of the information that I could find on the internet about Rene Buthaud but it is enough if you are fortunate enough to find a piece of his work. In the records it says that most of his pieces are signed so from the information above I would be looking for items signed “ J. Doris “ or his full name. He also used his monogram which I would assume would be his initials.

If any of our readers can find more information on Buthaud’s signature or monogram please share it with the other members of the “ Daryle Lambert Antique and Collectible Club “ in an email.

There has been a book written about Mr. Buthaud but it may be very difficult to obtain. The only copy that I could find was listed at $127.00.

What I am finding is that to push the envelope you may have to search for artist that most dealers haven’t heard of but rest assured that this knowledge will put you ahead of the class in making money in this business. Everyone is searching for the common names we hear everyday but those obscure artists that have built a reputation in the art world may be passed by if the dealers haven’t spent their time in the books or on the internet. This is where you come in and I will list just a few of Buthaud’s works to wet your appetite.

1. Buste de femme – Terracotta – 2.60 “ – Paris auction 12/07/2007 $13,300 signed with monogram

2. Femme a la Gazelle 43 by 70 inches silver and glass 12/13/1999 – Paris - $24,600.

3. Peon – de – Serpent – Glazed stoneware 12 ½ “ – Vase – Christie’s - $15,000.

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