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I have a personal love for French enameled and carved glass pieces. Some of the pieces that I cherish most were made by Daum Nancy and Galle but there were also other companies that made this beautiful glass. I have owned many vases by both companies plus other rare and unusual items like hanging lamps that they produced, however, there were some items they made that I bought that still puzzle me.

I have never been fully able to understand perfume bottles that couldn't stand up, even after being told it was so that ladies could carry them in their purses. Small bottles with flat tops would fit in a purse right. That answer doesn't even totally satisfy me today because what did the ladies do with the bottles when they were applying the perfume? If they held them in one hand to unscrew the top, what did they do next because if the bottle was laid down the perfume would spill out. If you have a better understanding than me on this matter please shoot me off an email.

A person could make a wonderful collection of these little perfume bottles with their wonderful enameled and carved exteriors that were often enhanced with silver overlay. Early's has some of the most beautiful bottles that I have ever seen coming to market in their October 30th sale. I would encourage you to go online and see what I am rambling on about. Vickie, my wife, has one of the Daum perfumes on her vanity and I don't think that there would be a chance in the world of ever talking her into selling it. I think I paid $20 for it so you could see that to sell it should bring a very favorable return. I would suggest that you add vintage perfume bottles to your list of items that can make you money.

I will be keeping my eye on two offerings at Early's: lots 636 and 637. The first one is a Daum Nancy French cameo glass and silver perfume bottle 6 ¼ in. height with embossed silver lid and foot. The decoration is green flowers and stars, estimate $800-$1000. The second bottle I will watch is very similar to the first, however, the flowers are red and the silver has a different design, plus it is 6 ½ in. Its estimate is $1200-$1800. I would love to add either one or both of these to my wife's collection even if they can't stand up. I said that there were other companies that made these perfume bottles that couldn't stand and one of those companies was Webb. You can see what they called their "teardrop perfumes" in the Early's catalog lots 567, 577 and 586. Stevens and Williams also made the teardrop perfumes as can be seen by looking at lot 594 of the same catalog. These small perfume bottles can start as low as $200 but also bring in thousands for the right piece.

These little beauties can make you money and often the prices for them at garage and house sales can be very reasonable. The gentleman that presents one of these beautiful pieces to a lady will bring a sparkle to her eyes.

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