Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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Foreign Coins - Thanks to www.salemathenaeum.org

It never fails to surprises me when Joshua, my son, gives me the perfect topic for a blog. If you have viewed our site www.31corp.com you will have seen the “Kids Connection” area where he gives other young people advice about their collecting. In his video that was prepared for the Jay Leno show, he talks about his collections, one of which is foreign coins.

It never occurred to me that this would make a wonderful blog even though I have sat at the Direct Auction for hours watching coin after coin sell for $50 - $200. I never showed any interest because they were foreign, right? Some of the time I have to check to see where my head is because this great area of collecting simply passed me by. But when Josh asked why I hadn't written a blog on his collection, I really didn't have a very good excuse. So here I go, There is some real money to be made with the coins that have been produced by almost every country in the world. Many of these countries have minted gold as well as silver coins that can be purchased at prices equal to less than their metal value.

Checking eBay I came across many coins that I have had the opportunity to purchase but didn't feel that I had the knowledge necessary to enter that market. Why I didn't buy a book on foreign coins I don't know but I am extremely sad that I didn't. After doing a little research I guarantee you that I will be giving some of my time in helping Josh expand his coin collection.

Here is a small example of what I found. These were all sold: 2 - 1976 Canadian gold coins 13.3375 gms - $487.09, 2 – French gold coins 12.8 gms - $382.35, 31 – Assorted foreign coins some silver - $201.50, 1 – 1851 gold coin foreign 6.3 gms - $195.61 and 11 – French Statue of Liberty coins - $153.62. As you can see, if these were purchase as scrap metal they would still be bargains.

On eBay you will find a foreign coin price guide by Thomas E. Hudgeons Jr. called The Blackbook Price Guide to Foreign coins, 2010 edition, that can be purchased new $8.99 or used $5.28. The 2009 edition can be owned for $1.15 and I highly recommend that you add one of these to your library. Be sure to watch the shipping cost and don't get ripped off there.

Here is an new and exciting venture for you to pursue. Who knows, you may come upon a gold doubloon.

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