Thursday, October 29, 2009

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David Smallhouse

I have been around art glass for over 45 years and yes, the old standards such as Tiffany, Steuben, Lalique, Daum Nancy and Galle will always be in fashion, but there may be some new sheriffs on the block. Names like Smallhouse and Satava may be just the ticket for the under 40 crowd. You may want to ask way this might be and in my opinion it could be because the young folks don't want what their parents had but something new for themselves.

The two up and comers in my eyes are David Smallhouse and Richard Satava. To get a real idea of their works you should go to the Cincinnati Art Gallery's site and look at the rather large assortment of their glass being sold on Sunday November the 7th. Smallhouse has some of the most realistic animal pieces fearturing frogs and octopuses that you will ever find. I will guarantee you that I will eventually own one of Smallhouse's covered jars with the octopus.

Not to be outdone, Richard Satava produces large paperweights that contain jellyfish that look as if they had just been plucked out of the ocean. My favorite is the side swimmer and I also hope to own one of these someday.

Both of these gentlemen are masters of their craft and, along with the animal pieces, they both produce a wide range of vases that have colors that are almost indescribable. Their vivid reds, blues and greens have an iridescence that only a master could produce. If I were invited to a home that features the art glass from these two studios, I would be more than impressed. In fact I may have to be totally honest and say I prefer them to the old standards.

You may remember that I wrote a little about these artists in a past blog when Warner Smith, one of my best friends, started a new club. It can be found at You bet he would be more than glad to hear from you and even sell you a piece or two of his Smallhouse and Satava glass. Don't get caught in the mind set that if it isn't old there can't be much value there. Once you see works by these two gentlemen you will be as hooked as I am.

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