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Have you noticed that it is getting dark earlier everyday? Yes, soon the witches and goblins will be flying and to tell the truth I'm not sure I'm ready. Are you? The older I get, the more I feel that winter isn't for me any longer. This winter I wonder if I will be able to keep the heat and lights on because if it is true that Obama's cap and trade bill will add $1,700 to my utility bill, that will really hurt. In the country, we start pulling out the candles this time of year and I think that might be part of my answer. I am sure that you know that before electricity the only light came from oil or candles at night.

Back in 1949 I visited my grandparents on their farm during the winter and I can still remember snuggling down in that feather bed and seeing the candlelights flickering on the ceiling and walls. This gave me a very secure feeling and I may recapture it this year. Candles have been used for light and some heat for thousands of years and maybe there is still a place for them in our lives today. To be sure the candles I use won't be scented because those cause my eyes to run and my nose to get stopped up.

I think that you know where I'm going with this, but if you don't, I believe that candles and candle holders make great collectibles. Don't forget about the candle molds either because they can bring you a pretty penny. There are the simple metal night stand candle holders but also there are the elaborate candle chandeliers. Some of the candles and their holders can sell for over a thousand dollars while the candle chandeliers can bring hundreds of thousands. Can you imagine a chandelier with up to fifty burning candles on it? That must have been a sight to behold, not to mention the fire hazard.

The easiest way to give you examples is to visit eBay, so here is what I found. There doesn't seem to be many chandeliers listed on eBay and that might be because of the difficulty in shipping, however, I did see one priced at $24,000. The candle holders are another matter and I found over nine hundred of them listed. These candle holders come in all shapes and sizes and they are made in almost every material invented by man. Metal, porcelain, pewter, silver and glass are just a few of the materials used in candle holders. The first listing that caught my eye was a candle holder by Hedi Schoop called the mermaid priced at $500 and next was a pewter candle holder for $333. I have owned several of these. A Harlequin green candle holder was priced at $227 and a rare Fiesta red one for $150. I have bought the Harlequin and Fiestas for as little as $2.00.

Candle holder are a great collectible and if you come upon interesting ones you will never have difficult in selling them for a handsome profit. Think cheap in pursuit of the lowly candle holder but sell dear. This is the motto that I have adopted for many of the things I search for and it might be good advice to you.

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