Thursday, October 22, 2009

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Thanks to EBAY

I have been both positive and negative on eBay over the years but now might be the time to search there for treasures. I received an email from one of my favorite readers, Vicki, and she asked my opinion of two items listed on eBay. It didn't take long for me to answer that both items met the rules for buying that are in our book, "31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles." If these two items can be purchased close to the price they're listed for now, it should be an easy double of that price when they are resold.

How can that be, you must be asking. The first piece that I was asked to look at was a vase where the signature on the bottom was very hard to read. However, because of the script on its bottom there was no doubt who made it. This vase could easily bring $250 if its identity was known, so upon relisting this piece and attaching the company's name in the description, this vase should do quite well. I can't divulge the name of the piece because the auction is still running. The second piece was a glass figural lamp and I found where one just like it had sold a short time ago for much more in the completed listings on eBay. If Vicki is fortunate enough to purchase these two items, her return should be at least 100% of her investment. That would mean she had taken one step forward in her "Million Dollar Race" on that money.

I am beginning to see a pattern where people who are listing their items on eBay are taking very little time to describe them properly. In some cases this can be attributed to not being able to identify the piece because the name can't be read on the bottom or simply because it isn't signed. A knowledgeable dealer, however, still can identify it. Yes, this is where all those hours of pouring over auction catalogs and visiting antiques shows begin to pay off.

Here is a suggestion that might help you find a treasure on eBay. Enter "art glass" in eBay's search engine and as you skim through the listings, which should be many, watch for items that aren't properly identified. Next do the same with art pottery, paintings and porcelain. If you can find one piece each night, this could create that opportunity that you have been searching for to turn your life around. Other people's mistakes can be your good fortune and it costs you nothing but time. I will be more than glad to help you identify the pieces that you spot and hopefully, working together, this will put money in your pocket as it does Vicki's.

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