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During these days when we wonder if anyone cares, there is one symbol that is recognized by all people worldwide that show some do. Due to the great European wars, The International Red Cross came into existence in 1863 as a humanitarian group . The American chapter of the Red Cross began in 1881. There are 145 societies of the Red Cross around the world and wherever there is an emergency you will find the Red Cross there. The symbol that is so recognized by all was adopted in 1929, that being the cross. The Red Cross is not a government agency even though Congress approves of it.

Perhaps the greatest name associated with the Red Cross was Clara Barton and after her work during the Civil War she traveled to Europe to study the methods of the Red Cross. After she returned to America, the organization was formed here.

I can still see the World War I and World War II posters showing the Red Cross nurses helping injured soldiers returning from battle. There was never a better feeling for an injured soldier than being treated by one of the Red Cross nurses.

Red Cross memorabilia both honors the nurses' work but also pays respect for the compassion shown during some of the world's most tragic times. This organization is one of the few that has never had its reputation tarnished and it stands as a beacon of what we should be and feel.

Some of the most collected items are the pins from around the world. The Red Cross medal “Order of Estonia” sold for $510. Most all medals of the Red Cross are eagerly sought after and bring great money. Another medal, the GVR Royal 1st class nurse's medal brought $429. Posters that show the Red Cross nurse doing her duty helping a service man are very popular and can bring in $1000 or more. Even uniforms are searched for and their value is set by there uniqueness. But perhaps the number one item that most remember are the Red Cross Christmas stamps, which started in 1907. Groups of these can bring you hundreds of dollars. Don't we wish that all people had the spirit of the Red Cross.

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