Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Paul Bogatay

I have presented to the readers many artists that aren't household names and I just came across one that I like myself. His name is Paul Bogatay and he did some extra special pottery pieces while being employed by Cowan in the 1920's and 30's. His plaques of athletic events caught my eye as I previewed the upcoming auction by my friends at The Cincinnati Art Gallery. These very colorful plaques with basketball, football, track, tennis and polo players were done after he left Cowan's and they would add to any collection of outstanding pottery pieces

The Paul Bogatay plaques will be sold at the Cincinnati sale on November the 7th starting at 10:00. I was able to find out very little about Mr. Bogatay except that he was born in 1905 and died in 1972. While at Cowan's he did commission pieces and after departing from the Cowan employment he produced some of his own pieces. These plaques are signed with his name and a date. How stunning these would look on my wall and perhaps there is a place for them in my home but I haven't asked Vickie yet and I do have my doubts that she would okay the purchase. Measuring over 16 inches each they would make quite a statement on a wall and I hope that you will go to the sale catalog online and view them.

Bogatay did a general line of pottery including bowls and figures but I believe his plaques were the best work that he did and I will let you be the judge for yourself. Even though these plaques have an estimate of $1500-$2000, I believe they could easily exceed that price. Here is the Paul Bogatay website and I hope you enjoy it. I believe that you will be the only dealer at the garage and house sales that recognizes this name so you should have the pick of the litter when it comes to Bogatay pieces.

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