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Ronald Reagan My Hero - Thanks to

I have to admit there aren't many people that I've admired over the last 50 years but perhaps the one person that I have to say is my hero is Ronald Reagan. He was able to do what no President in my lifetime has done and that is unify the country. Which other President can state that he lost only one state in a President election? I believe that only Reagan can say that and he earned his name as the great communicator.

Ronnie and Nancy may well go down in history as the greatest couple to ever live in the White House. From cowboy to President seems like a fairy tale but he made it work and especially when he backed the Russians down. On June 12,1987 in Berlin, Reagan gave the speech that will live in the hearts forever of those that love freedom. You can read his entire speech here. { Ronald Reagan's speech in Berlin } There may never have been a more important speech given by an American President, with the exception of the Gettysburg Address by Lincoln. The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 and I can still see the television pictures of it going up in my mind today. The wall was twelve feet thick and ran for hundreds of miles. This was the dividing line between free societies and Communism and when Reagan said "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall", you could hear it around the world. That one speech announced that the cold war was over and people of the world would no longer have to shudder in fear. I still remember at school when all the children had to get under their desk for air raid warnings. Forgive me for giving my age away.

Yes Reagan is one of my heroes and you can bet that I'm not alone in that feeling. For that reason I can assure you that Reagan memorabilia will do nothing but go up in value. I just purchased a signed Reagan photo recently and one day I hope to get the invitation that my parents received to his election celebration that still hangs in my mothers home. There has been enough time passed since he was president that many no longer realize what value his items have today and this can be a great thing for you.

Anything that bears his signature will bring hundreds of dollars and there are many of these items lying around for you to find. Posters, books, invitations, photos to list just a few items that may come your way. But don't stop there when searching because there are pins, medals, Doulton mugs, documents and other campaign items to add to a collection. If you find anything of interest you may have already found a buyer, me.

I do have a question for you however that you may be able to answer for me, why didn't Ronald Regan get a Noble Peace Prize for saving the free world but Obama got one for being President for two weeks?

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