Wednesday, November 14, 2007

TROUBLE AT HOME - Make Storage Considerations a Priority for your Antiques & Collectibles.

WOW, did I stir up a hornets nest at home! The scolding started as soon as my wife, Vickie, got home from work and didn’t end until my business partner, Cindy, had her say.

My statement in yesterday's blog sure got some peoples attention, and for that I am thankful. But if it offended anyone, for that I would like to apologize. Yes, I guess I got a little emotional, but in the Bible, God said he knew David’s heart, and I hope my readers know mine.

Now that I have that off my chest, let’s talk about the business at hand. You see, on your road to wealth building with antiques & collectibles, there can be other troubles at home, if you don’t prepare properly before you buy things, whether you decide to keep them, or sell them.

I just had one of those examples where I didn’t follow my own advise. I bought two gasoline airplanes at auction at what I thought was a bargain. My intention was to keep one for Joshua and sell the other. But, they are so large that one must stay in my truck, while the other is hanging from the family room ceiling. Now you know why Vicki was so hot.

You see, I had forgotten to think about where I would store these items until they were sold, or where I would keep one if I wanted it for our personal collection. This didn’t make my wife very happy, and I'm sure you can imagine her response to this. Another strike against me I would rather forget.

So, when you are out there hunting for those treasures, be sure to think about what your going to do with the items that you purchase. Moving, hauling, storing and shipping should be major considerations in each purchase. Whatever you buy, you must carefully consider how it can be appropriately displayed in your house, whether you intend to sell it or to keep it.

The best thing to do is to prepare a separate storage area in advance for items you will be selling. This way, if you have people visiting, it will be convenient to show off the items that are for sale in your home. If you don’t do this, you will be bothered having to say this isn’t for sale, no that isn’t for sale either.

If art is your passion, like it is mine, this presents special problems. Where are you going to hang the pieces you purchase? In my case, I don’t have a empty wall left, and -- you guessed it -- Vicki isn't very happy about that. In fact, she tells her fiends that she never knows what she is coming home to because I am constantly changing our decor.

Paintings should always stored in a position as if they where hanging so you must have space where you can sit them up, putting dividers between each piece. Art is perhaps some of the easiest things to damage, so be careful when they are stored. Each painting should be easily assessible so that they won’t be damaged moving it in and out of storage. The frames are particularly vulnerable. The cost to restore a frame that is only slightly damaged may run several hundred dollars.

Well, I got through that and I hope that now my home will be happy again.

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  1. Boy oh boy can I identify with this problem! LOL!! My husband wants me to throw everything OUT all the time. That is until he finds out what some of my collections are worth! I have a small office space in my home and it is jam packed - hense the need for me to liquidate what I have aquired first, before adding addtional items. My rule for items I wish to keep is as follows: If I can't display it and enjoy it, I must sell it. In this way I don't allow myself boxes full of stuff anywhere but in my small office space. The airplanes sound terrific - My husband would probably like those! And so would both my son's. Maybe I need to collect things they like? Take Care and God Bless, Vicki H.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I think you must have read my book before I wrote it. You are difinitely showing the rest of us the correct way to be successful in this business. I also don't think we should keep things hidden where they can't be seen.