Saturday, November 3, 2007


Jewelry. This is a subject that women never tire of and we men should pay attention to. The women have always had it right, and yes, diamonds should be their best friend.

I have a little different approach to buying jewelry than most, and I find my way to be very lucrative. It is very difficult to go out on a Saturday morning to the sales and not have a chance to buy multiple pieces of jewelry. Yes, most of these pieces will be costume, but don’t be so quick to judge before you examine them.

I will give you my rule in buying jewelry, and it goes like this. First, check to see if the piece is mounted in gold or platinum and what karat this metal is?. Next, you should know that gold can come in several colors and you make yourself aware of these varieties. Platinum is usually white or silver and is the most precious of the metals that you will find. Most pieces of jewelry will be marked unless the mark has worn off or the piece is very early.

Once you have been around jewelry for a while, you can guess at what the value of the gold or platinum in a piece is worth on the open market. Yes, 24 karat gold is worth more than 14 karat but by only about half as much. With gold at the present time selling at the $800 range per ounce, it doesn’t have to be a very large piece to have quite a value. The same with platinum, but even more so.

You will need to find a good book on metal marks so that if the piece is gold plated or filled you will know not to buy it for the metal content. Have you noticed that I haven’t even mentioned the stones that it may contain?Yes, I have done this for a reason. Can you guess why?

I always try the buy jewelry at one third the value of the actual metal. Example: If I think that the ring has one half ounce of 24 karat gold in it and the market price for gold is $800, then I try to buy the piece at about $260-$270. By doing this I can assure myself that I can double my investment even if I have to scrap the metal. Scraping mean to sell the base metal in the commodity market. By doing this, you are assured of taking your next step in the race to 31 Steps, and that is our goal in the 31 Club's Million Dollar Race.

Now you know my secret. It doesn’t matter what the stones are, because they are just the icing on the cake. If they are semi-previous stones, so be it. But if they are Diamonds , Rubies, Emeralds, or Sapphires, you may have found yourself a real treasure.

I think I have told you the story about the watch that my friend, Warner, bought for $200 that turned out to be a french designer piece worth at least $5,000. I know personally that his wife was very pleased with that purchase and still has it to this day.

Even the cut of the stones can be misleading. There was a diamond cut in the early years called the "mine cut." Today, if you find a piece of jewelry with mine cut stones in it, you might very well think that it might have very little value, but you might be surprised.

I have shared with you why there is always a crowd around the jewelry cases. I hope that from now on, there will be one more person there, and that person will be you.

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