Tuesday, November 13, 2007

VETERANS DAY - Trench Art & Military Memorabilia

My father was in the Merchant Marines, and to this day, I can still remember how proud he was to wear that uniform. We have sent America's finest to war, and they have asked for little in return.

Watching television last night, I saw a young man talk about being a Marine. He said "I am re-enlisting because there is no more noble thing I could give my life for than for this country's freedom and the safety of its citizens." Wow, that is still bringing tears to my eyes as I write this blog.

But, I want to tell you the rest of his story. He has just written a poem about serving this country and there are many that are offering him large sums of money to pursue a writing and singing career. But, serving his country is where his heart is. I wonder how many of us would do as he is doing. I would hope that I could make that same decision, but I wonder.

During our many wars, there have been hundreds of thousands of young men marching off to battle, and the one thing that most all of them carried in their hearts was a love of this country and of the ones they were separated from.

In their loneliness, they often made things from old shell casings or pieces of metal such as vases, sculpture, and ash trays. Jewelry was often fashioned from whatever was available for sweethearts, and there are whole collections dedicated to this jewelry. "Trench Art" is what these items are often called, and a good resource for this type of art is a book called "Trench Art: An Illustrated History" by Jane A. Kimball. You can find it through our Amazon Link on our 31 Club Recommended Reading Page.

These pieces can bring good money today from those that appreciate their gift to all of us. Uniforms and metals are also collected, and it seems that we just might want to keep these brave young men in our hearts. What better thing could we do to pay tribute to our soldiers than to have their treasures around us.

When my uncle was a Marine Tank Commander, he took a little piece of aluminum and made me a bracelet with my name on it. I was only about two years old when he did this for me. I can’t imagine the horror that he was seeing, and I am in awe that he took time to think about a small child at home. God Bless our soldiers, and if anyone doesn’t like it, well -- they can kiss my !!!!. I cross my chest when the National Anthem is sung, and I nod my head when I pass a soldier. They deserve it.

I wish that I could write more but I think you will understand if I quit. It is hard to continue when I can’t see the keys. Sleep good tonight because it is the sacrifices they are making that give us that opportunity.

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  1. You blog today brought tears to my eyes! You are not in the minority even though it feels that way at times. It's just that some have louder voices... and certain media run with it.

    I saw the same story last nite! And now know what network you watch, it's on in our house 24/7. You've just gained my husbands respect for your beliefs.

    We have had an 8" x 10" cotton flag hanging our LR window since that fateful September morn. I told my children it will not come down until all of our troops come home.

    God Bless our Troops here and abroad!

    Thank you for your thoughtful blog.

  2. Wow! What a tribute. I have a son (step-son) in the Army. He is career military, a helicopter pilot and has been in Iraq, Camp Taji in Bagdhad to be exact for the past 15 months.

    Prior to his leaving, our flag only flew in the daylight hours. Since he left it has flown day and night. Along with the flag, I had a plaque engraved stating the flag is being flown in his honor. It is mounted to the porch beam the flag is on.

    Though he is expected to arrive back in the states prior to year end, our flag too will continue to fly both day and night until all of our troops are home.

    We are extremely proud of all our military personnel. Their strength and courage is admirable. God bless each and every one of them.