Sunday, November 4, 2007


Yes, Carnival Glass and Depression Glass were given as free premiums to our parents, but there were others, and will be more free premiums, even today.

Some of you might not remember when the Superman premiums that came in cereal boxes were free, but I do. I sure wish that I had kept the special ring that was mine as a young child. Today, it is worth thousands of dollars. Many of the other Superman toys also bring big bucks today. A trading card set will bring $2500, plastic telephone $1000 and radio $1500. These are still out there just waiting for you to find them.

Superman was the creation of two seventeen year old boys in 1938 just before World War II. He was featured on the radio, television, cartoons and several movies.

Another great prize that children collected were the Cracker Jack premiums. They started to put these prizes in boxes of molasses flavored popcorn in 1912. Many of these Cracker Jack premiums will bring $100 and up. Some are unmarked. So, search the guide on these pieces. Yes, there are guide books and resource books for just about anything. Check the 31 Club's Recommended Reading List, and search for any book on any subject, new or used. That way you will know these items if you run across them in a box lot.

What about now? Are there great collectibles being created today? Yes! In fact, I suggest that you pick up anything that is being given away free. At the pro baseball games they often give away something to the first five hundred or so that enter the park. This is also true of basketball. I have seen the bobble head plastic baseball figurines that were given at the ball park being listed on eBay the next day for $25 - $50.

But it doesn’t stop here. You might remember that early on in these blogs, I suggested that this is going to be one of the most interesting elections of our lifetime. So be sure to go to all the major candidate's campaign headquarters and pick up several pieces of each poster, bumper sticker, flyer and pin that they have for your taking. The reason you want to take several of each is that you might want to sell a few as the price goes up while keeping some for your own collection. These might become extremely valuable after several years.

Let's not forget the restaurant give aways. McDonalds is the king of this type of premium. They have produced more individual prizes than almost all other companies combined. Burger King, Long John Silvers, Kentucky Fried Chicken and so many others also produce premiums. If you started your child with a free premium collection the day they were born, by the time they were eighteen there would be no worry about the cost of their college education. In fact they would have money to burn.

This business can be easy, especially when you have people throwing things at you that can bring a lot of money into your pocket for free.

Just a side note. Yesterday Joshua was called into a casting call for a major company, and it is all because of the exposure from this website. He was so excited, and I was so proud.

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