Friday, November 30, 2007

Daryle Lambert - Is The Sky Still Falling in the Art and Antique Markets?

I just received an email from a friend along with an article written by an art market analyst in Austrailia who states that the art market has been manipulated and that prices are years ahead of where they should be. Even the Kovel's are starting to quote the Chicken Littles of the world about the state of our industry markets. I really must say that if they truly understood the world economic considerations that are coming into play in these markets, they wouldn't be thinking like this. And, if the dollar doesn't strengthen, we haven't seen anything yet.

For this very reason, I recommend that my club members only buy the best for resale. Why? With the dollar so cheap, the world is just waiting to buy the best of everything in the American Markets.

When the dollar was king, I was buying everything I could get my hands on overseas. I couldn't spend a dollar at home, but my dollar was worth two dollars overseas. Overseas, everything they had for sale was a bargain to me. I bought Doulton, Daum Nancy, Meissen, Ruskin and many other things. I bought until my storage space ran out. But now, the tide is running the other direction.

I am telling my members that now is the time to buy the better items. There are more than enough customers waiting in the wings to purchase whatever we have for sale in this country. Yes, there will be a time that this will change, but it isn't changing now. But we can still make a lot of money.

Now is the time to be bold and to go where others fear to tread. You can't become a millionaire by following the crowd. You have to think for yourself. People like the Kovel's have made their money on prices going up and telling others what to buy, so, why now are they getting frightened? We operate in these markets today -- not ten years from now. So judge for yourself. Are these great markets or what? Let's make our money now, and let tomorrow take care of itself.

I wish I could buy some great Chinese, Korean, German, Russian or British Antiques, Collectibles or Fine Art Paintings. And if you know of any that you are scared to buy, let me know, will you please? These countries are buying back their history from American collectors now, at fire sale prices when you consider the difference in currency values. If the crowd is going one way, make sure you go the other way. You'll win big time.

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