Saturday, November 10, 2007

CHRISTMAS TIME - It's Not The Candy, It's The Container. PAPER - PLASTIC - GLASS - TIN

When I was a kid at Christmas, there wasn’t much in my stocking. But, I could always count on there being a couple of candy containers full of my favorite candy.

If I was lucky, and had been a good boy, there might even have been a few pieces of fruit. Then, under the tree, I would find one or two presents that I had been waiting for all year. These could be a ball, glove, or model car kit, and I would cherish them as if they were made of gold. It was always as much fun for me to see my bothers and sister open their presents as it was for me to open mine.

Next came the grand opening of our parents' presents. They were always things that we had made at school, but you would have thought that we were giving them Faberge Eggs by the way they hugged and kissed us after they opened them.

You know, I never felt that I was poor. With my brothers and sisters around me as I opened my presents, I knew that I was the luckiest kid in the world. Dad had just returned from the service, and Mom was doing the best that she could.

The family would all sit around the blazing fireplace sharinging what we could remember of the year. Hot apple cider usually was the drink of the day, and we would eat Mom's homemade cookies. Now before I get too sentimental, let's get back to those candy containers.

I wish that I had kept all the containers from years past, because they have become very collectible and highly valuable today. In fact the candy container tradition started back in the Victorian age, but didn’t really get going until the sixties.

I can remember the containers made of papier-mache and glass, but not the plastic or tin ones. And who would ever thought that the small toys bought for just pennies would later sell for thousands of dollars?

Let me give you a few examples. A airplane, liberty Motor, original Tin $2200. Black Cat with stretched neck $2950. Golf Bag $2500. Refrigerator $5600. Santa Claus $2700. And this is just a few of the better ones.

I threw away the wrong thing! I should have kept the containers and thrown away the candy. If you can find some of these, you will have a Very Merry Christmas indeed.

Let's not forget what this season is really all about, and God Bless.
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  1. No matter how you tell it...there was just something VERY VERY SPECIAL about the good ole days...the family traditions and they treasures of course.

    Nice family traditions to continue don't you think?